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Russian consulate in New York City this morning

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  1. Can't watch the video but senior unsecured bonds (the most common type) have a claim on the general assets of the company, so in the event of chapter 11 bankruptcy for instance, typically the equity shares become worthless and bondholders are issued new equity to replace their debt claim. It's not exactly a good thing.

  2. Yes. Look up Washington prime group and SVP Global. This exact scenario happened.

  3. Kinda like SFPD. There’s been a guy groping women all over the city for a few weeks now. They caught him and literally released him a couple hours later and he went back to doing it. Grade A police work!

  4. It’s the prosecutors. That’s SFs and NYs current problem.

  5. Ah yes that's why hate crimes against legal immigrants and Latino looking Americans spiked after trump and Republicans fear and hate mongering about immigrants. They're totally not racist though. They just take their immigration anger out on Americans and legal immigrants because they love America so much, but are totally not racist.

  6. Hate crimes spiked everywhere, and in many cases like NYC it wasn’t white vs everyone else, but done by minorities.

  7. Shootings against Hispanics can be directly linked to trumps fear mongering of immigrants. White supremacists are feeling more emboldened then ever and are frequently citing trump and the Republican party as their motivation for their crimes.

  8. The fed board was independent until trump took office. The fed chairman wanted to raise interest rates but the board packed with Trump loyalist to Trump only. No the lift didn't under Biden it is a true independent agencies

  9. I’m not arguing with someone who believes bullshit.

  10. Facts according to the Biden admin. Lmao. Idiot.

  11. Don’t do this if you have to ask the question.

  12. It could triple; it could get halved (or worse). Citigroup is not understandable. Jamie Dimon can't understand Citigroup. These money center banks are black holes of risk that no human can understand (I know, I know... Buffett still speculates in these banks from time to time). They look great in a bull market and investors pray that the PTB will come and rescue them in a bear market. People only think they can understand these huge banks, until there's a financial crisis and they discover that the only perfect hedge is in a Japanese garden.

  13. Just as a point, Blackstone doesn't actually operate any assets. They buy assets and have other operators manage them. And then they take their cut off the top. Other than the diversification benefits, you are generally better off working with an operator directly.

  14. Blackstone owns many of their operators. When it comes to the casinos, the recent transactions (Cosmo, Aria etc.) MGM manages the hospitality part and pays blackstone through a master lease.

  15. Sales prices keep comps high, there's probably some creative accounting tied to it as well that allows them to continue getting money from banks for future builds

  16. Correction, their margins aren’t what they used to be. Building costs are high and they need to maintain a certain margin to pay all overhead. Additionally to the above loan point, the bank will sent a minimum sales price PSF so they know they get repaid back.

  17. Don’t know, these are Tract loans so they’re more “bulk development “ loans for lack of better terms.

  18. Also no one infront of the car who made the lane change

  19. Sort out funds buying homes and boom, sorted.

  20. That won’t solve it alone unfortunately, they own a small fraction of homes.

  21. I think it’s a typo. Higher interest rates = higher cap rates = lower asset prices. Liquidity didn’t necessarily dry up right now but buyers are waiting and watching and sellers have not fully grasped that their asset worth $100 last year is worth less today. Multi cap rates have widened 50-100bps already.

  22. That's the part that gets me - the money would be in a CD through EJ. He'd still get paid, but I still think his advice is terrible.

  23. It is, the fed said it is hiking more. I’d move all your money this should be enough red flags.

  24. Everyone is waiting and watching, corporate transactions are few and far between.

  25. Most banks can’t lend loans under LIBOR after 1-1-2022. Existing floating rate loans primarily got converted to SOFR (term vs compounded). TSy / Sofr swap is used for fixed rate loans.

  26. To put this a little in perspective, LA County has more than 10 million residents. That is more than five times the number of the whole state of Idaho. That is more than 11 times the population of South Dakota.

  27. Cities are still the center of the arts, education and music. They will still have a function.

  28. Sure still a “function” but see Detroit for example. Take New York, and all of the restaurants / eateries / bars that are supported by the employment centers. Take away the employees and now a majority of those places go out of business, now take away the people that live in the city because they live / work / play in the city, imagine all the businesses that die. The cities as you know it will die.

  29. I mean good? If you aren't a top earner and you live in a city its pretty shit. You slave for hours and take public transit or sit in traffic forever for measly pay because it costs so damn much.

  30. Ok watch them turn into Detroit. No one wants to be there and those that live there are stuck there.

  31. One time I bought a lot of points and it got to the point (pun not intended) where I couldn’t do anymore because I couldn’t bring more than X% of the purchase price in fees to closing. I imagine buying your rate to 0% would violate this. It could have been my lender, all I know is that they waived $28 of the buy down so that I didn’t hit that cap.

  32. They securitize your loans that’s why there’s a floor. They have to sell the bonds for something.

  33. And now it's literally crumbling under it. When we are holding back technology that can save our environment because a few people want a bit more money, there's a problem.

  34. Capitalism really has been a failed experiment. We went from trying to provide quality goods to customers with a good experience served by happy employees to trying to provide the most expensive goods possible that need to be bought as often as possible from a miserable skeleton crew of employees trying to fill several roles at once while being paid far below what they should be for just one of them.

  35. He can't liquidate his shares without having a very good, very public reason to do so, because his company's stock will tank if he does that, which would piss off the board of directors(again). Selling your own company's stock without a very clear reason makes it look like you're trying to get ahead of an impending crash of your company's share price... which then results in your company's share price actually crashing.

  36. They can apply to sell stock whenever they want subject to regulations and x amount of days waiting period. See form 10b5-1.

  37. Raising rates any further will increase work from home, which will further depress commercial real estate, which will put the banks out of business.

  38. Man the amount of idiotic comments here is just sad. Ya’ll hate the big orange man for reasons you don’t even know and would rather be locked down talking to yourself in the mirror.

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