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  1. I’ll give it a shot. Kinda ridiculous a check method via mail is the only method to pay… we in 2022 and this is a internet provider… you’d think they have a good website

  2. are you a CTL customer? didn't the bill have something like

  3. No I use spectrum but for some reason century link decided to burry their cable under my front lawn… I got billed 5,500… 95.00 for 1 hrs work 4,500 for miscellaneous…. What’s miscellaneous? And why does it cost 4,500??

  4. the only thing i can tell you is always call 8-1-1. call for utilities locators before you dig. if you'd have called them and you hit a line they might have not properly marked, you would not be financially responsible. as to the cost, i can only speculate.

  5. I did that, but they don’t regulate internet. So I have to ask them to sell me phone, but when I specifically asked if that was necessary to get them to support their own lines they said no. So I guess the employees have no idea of what is going on.

  6. Hit fb marketplace or craigslist. A c3000 should be $25-60 and will support bonding if you happen to upgrade later.

  7. second this and adding amazon and ebay. i even got a C3000Z from a redditor on here for $50.

  8. any tattoo artist should be able to replicate any design you provide.

  9. Yes. I've used the VA system for my primary care since 2000. In three different states. Usually got right in after signing up. About 3 years ago I tried to change between hospitals in the same state and system (change from Seattle to Tacoma, both in the Puget Sound VA system), and got screwed in the process. I followed the instructions given to me by the Tacoma hospital and they dropped me instead of transferring me. When I asked them to just sign me up again, they told me because they dropped me, I was now considered a new applicant and the wait was up to 2 years to get in.

  10. according to this (i've only transferred CBOCs, not hopitals) the process begins with your care team (PACT). sounds like you've been thru this. "I am moving to another state. How do I transfer my care to a new VA health care facility?

  11. what kind of Imperial System unit of measurement is 150 Mike's? LoL

  12. what modem? they should get updated on their own

  13. Museums , one of my best dates was to the air and space museum

  14. I thought i was going crazy. "No way could Jack In The Box get rid of the iconic 2 tacos!" But sure enough, they're in neither app exclusives nor the "tacos, fries & sides" category. Is this everywhere or just in my region (two different counties in southern california)? I skipped Jack's entirely because of this. I sure hope they make a comeback 🤞😬🤞

  15. yup, definitely shows up on the website but not in the app for me. i would post a screenshot if i knew how. thanks for the reply!

  16. i don't use the app, so i wouldn't know. you're welcome! now, if they'd only do the monster tacos when they're supposed to, i'd be happy!

  17. I took my truck in one time to have the water pump replaced. I told them it was leaking from the impellor. They said they'd have to check it. They charged me $60 to tell me that the water pump needed to be replaced because it was leaking from the impellor and then wanted to charge me 3 times as much as a radiator shop up the road.

  18. which location? as i said, i'm only familiar with the east broadway location.

  19. Months? As a Vet? Employers are desperate everywhere. Minimum wage? Damn Bro. What was your MOS?

  20. Yeah but I’m already up and moving around so I actually get to see the sunrise. The sunrise can be just as beautiful as the sunsets here

  21. Thanks! I almost forgot about it. Fortunately someone wished me a happy cake day last night just after midnight

  22. Thank you! I almost forgot. Another kind Redditor wished me a happy cake day

  23. My husband got a job in Sonoita, AZ and we will be moving in several months. Looking to live somewhere between Sonoita and Tucson since it will likely be easier for me to find a job in Tucson and we’d like to be somewhat near a city. Suggestions on best places to live with a reasonable commute to Sonoita? We aren’t big on nightlife but are kind of in that “young professional” category where we do like restaurants and activities! We enjoy outdoor activities, and are moving very far away from family and friends so some form of community involvement will be important. Would appreciate any and all suggestions and tips!

  24. seems a lot of people either don't notice the cake slice, or don't bother to comment on it. you're welcome!

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