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  1. No, if you don't want it visible on your profile but still want to post it you need to create another account.

  2. reddit doesn't use #hashtags, so i don't understand why you're asking...

  3. you just signed up yesterday and have 1 karma, so your account is restricted by both account age and low karma. check out Automod's links for low/ no karma required subs you can post in to gain karma. welcome to reddit! edit: !karmahelp

  4. Hmm. Is there like a special chat room or other cool features?

  5. i'd offer you a free week, but going by the posts on your profile, i don't think you'd like our rules (e.g. no politics, no profanity, certain subjects can only be posted on certain days, etc...)

  6. Thank you that's really nice of you. Yea the no profanity thing, I'd be banned within an hour lol

  7. Is there a way I can move my modem to a different room, but that room doesn't have a wall jack?

  8. depending on your state public utilities commission (responsible for pricing / tariffs), the last jack install i did was $99. each additional jack was $69.

  9. i m on desktop (win) and i dont have that option. is it possible only premium members can do this?

  10. are you on desktop or mobile? i'm on desktop, and when i click More Options on your profile, i have that option.

  11. Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate that, I hope you have just the best day ever! <3

  12. you're welcome! i have another redditor set up for a monthly coffee payment, but i couldn't find that option when i sent yours.

  13. I have no idea how to do that xD this is the first time I've ever set something like this up to be honest, and you're the first person to ever actually use it lol. It took me a while to figure out how to even get my pay pal link on here. >.<

  14. how did you pay? i get email from paypal, and it's on my credit card invoice.

  15. I need a formal invoice from reddit as I have to use the invoice in my companies' accounting.

  16. i haven't received mine either, and messaged the mods, but no response after a couple of months. no biggie.

  17. I've known Reddit for over a decade, always read, never used, but now I started content creation and I want to reach to the communities that it touches, and boy oh boy, I never thought I would get so much gatekeeping from the communities I try to reach! What can I do to help that?

  18. you only have 14 karma, so subs are restricting your use until your karma increases. this is to keep out bots and spammers. i don't consider it "gatekeeping". Automod has a link to no/low karma required subs to help you build up your karma standing.

  19. I realize what the problem was. I have another account on my mobile account. I am not a bright cookie and failed to realize the account I was posting THIS from was in fact, not the account I was having issues with. After learning how to actually pay attention to details I managed to work out what was going on. Thank you for the help!

  20. upload to a service like imgur, after your photo is uploaded, copy-n-paste the url into your comment like this:

  21. what kind of "government job"? by your posts it sounds like state. and unless someone is here from CA, most of us won't be able to answer your question.

  22. Try going on mobile to see if it’s also an issue there. If so maybe you could contact the reddit support team, seems like an odd issue

  23. can't do mobile, thanks. the issue was resolved five days ago.

  24. Oooo nice, been waiting for that feature! As it says, it blocks a subreddit. Which means it won't appear on your feed etc.

  25. young 'un! we need a roadrunner award for this sub...

  26. I’m not a fan of heights and the Army basically forced me to go Airborne and become a paratrooper

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