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  1. Oh wow! You will most likely get your money back! You are very very very lucky. The bank needs to request the recovery but since that other account is frozen the chances are very high.

  2. I think Justin is the liar and manipulator in this entire situation. Also nobody said they weren’t together, just that there was no overlap and I believe that. Plus Justin and Hailey had history the same way he and Sel did. So why is it ok for J and S to get back together but when Hailey did it , it’s wrong. I mean they’ve been together forever now so clearly it worked out. And these pics of Justin and Selena are obviously gonna look like this, they dated for years before this. Did you expect shy and awkward photos. They literally picked up where they left off. I don’t care for Selena or Hailey but y’all are so contradicting.

  3. Yeah you’re going to need to tell everyone why you’re divorcing. Her reputation is ruined. I know what it’s like to belong to communities like that. You need to fix this and tell people exactly what you told us here.

  4. Not sure where you’re from but this couch is on fb marketplace all the time. You can buy the covers separately from ikea and replace them.

  5. Not sure where you’re from but this couch is on fb marketplace all the time. You can buy the covers separately from ikea and replace them.

  6. Hey what’s your job? Is the write up that terrible? Do you plan on working there long term? Just speaking from experience, I would take the write up and try and find another job.

  7. The infamous Kendall one is misleading, in another post she said that she was joking

  8. She didn’t tag kendall either she just wrote well don’t come but the timing of it was perfect

  9. Perhaps an unpopular opinion around these parts but no shawarma in the world is worth 20 bucks. A gyros maybe, even a doner, but a shawarma, nah!

  10. Hmm that’s interesting. We buy one plate and my husband and I share it with our 2 year old. It’s always so much food.

  11. Yeah. You’ll have the nicest pub steak but at $30 you ain’t hitting up a keg or red lobster. And for SURE not hitting up an actual fancy place.

  12. I dunno man all you can eat shrimp at red lobster is $26.99 and it used to be 23.99.

  13. I was acting for several managers over the summer, including my own, and it was the greatest experience ever. I had so much fun and while the first 2ish weeks were overwhelming, it started to come natural. Just remember you were picked for a reason and you can do it. Be supportive of your colleagues and offer any help when you can and I’m sure you’ll be appreciated. Have fun!

  14. That's not my problem if people interpret it that way. I have an opinion. Don't shove yours down my throat. Not sure why you think you can speak for every POC.

  15. Thank you! What is going on in the world

  16. You’re in a gossip subreddit that’s designed to thrive off of negativity. idk what you were expecting

  17. Lmao what are you even saying? Like no duh, but in my opinion the comments are nuts. Just because I’m part of it, doesn’t mean I agree with them. I think Hailey and Selena are both attention seekers and desperate but only Hailey gets the hate.

  18. Ned is definitely going to be outcasted - I have a feeling. They all hang out like you said, and they definitely are all going to take Ariel‘s side on this. So ultimately, not only did he risk his marriage but his close friends and his job

  19. Well he hasn’t been in the intro and in some of the videos so I think the outcasting has already started

  20. Yikes!!!! This means he has BEEN dating this woman. Gross gross gross.

  21. You must have missed the video of the guy accidentally calling a guy the N word instead of "neighbor" yesterday lol

  22. I literally wish I never watched this.

  23. What bothers me the most about Daniel’s complaints about this is that the director Darren Aronofsky said it took him about 10 years to cast this character because he couldn’t find someone that he felt fit the part until he watched a trailer of a low budget Brazilian movie that Fraser was in.

  24. Because Daniel shouldn’t be complaining.

  25. Ok but I’m actually in love with this bag. Can you dm me the details 😬

  26. Idc what anyone says. But Elton had all of these years to say something and has now saved it for his memoir. I think that’s disturbing, trying to make money off a dead man who we know had some serious trauma issues.

  27. That burger looks tiny. Macdonald’s cheese burgers only have 303 calories. Bella, an adult, can literally have a burger like the one she’s having for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still be at a calorie deficit. A lot of fast foods are surprisingly low in calories actually. They are just that nutrition poor they don’t even provide calories.

  28. Not with the body she has. I don’t think you’ve seen a picture of her recently but IF she ate that burger it was the ONLY thing she ate and she didn’t finish it. Her ribs are sticking out of her body.

  29. At 5'9 she might need to eat 1500 calories a day to stay as skinny as she is provided she exercises (in all likelihood she could go higher than that) somewhat. That's quite a few McDonald's cheeseburgers. There are a lot of stereotypes but I know models in real life as thin as her who have 'relatively' normal diets with regular junk food, they just strictly count calories.

  30. Sure, 1500 calories of low carb, anti inflammatory foods. Whether we like it or not it’s not only about the calories, certain foods cause bloating

  31. Hey! Chattime, dennys, the works, kettlemans, perkins, Starbucks, Sephora, panera. I think you have to register for all of them beforehand so make sure you do that. And some might not be offering it anymore but always check.

  32. Iirc, the Mandarin also does a free meal but you need to be bringing paying customers with you.

  33. Yes! I used mine once when our work decided to do Xmas dinner there (we still had to pay) but mine was free

  34. You're going to have a whole lot of teenagers and libertarians telling you you're TA because your mother isn't legally obliged to help you therefore you're the bad guy. Please ignore them.

  35. Wow I just love your response and I am so happy it’s top.

  36. Is David stupid? Did he forget he was steering the excavator without a license. That alone should get him in shit.

  37. I want to hate it but … I love it?? Haha it’s SO fun!

  38. I don’t. But that’s probably because I was such a fan of his early work and he changed his style a lot. He also had some bad publicity in his early years saying he doesn’t let dark skinned women in his section

  39. Same. I was obsessed with him. Now his music sounds almost bland to me, way too radio sounding. We don’t get runs anymore.

  40. This is how I feel about kissland.

  41. Miley Cyrus! She would absolutely kill it!! She’s an amazing performer and knows how to put on a show.

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