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  1. as a woman i feel ur pain here hahaha. you can’t get stretch marks from sitting, essentially they happen due to your skin expanding from growth or weight gain, and the mid layers of your skin tear a bit and leave these marks. nearly everyone has them considering we all grow. just make sure to take care of the skin in that area. don’t waste ur money on stretch mark creams bc like the other comments say, the only way to truly get rid of them would be lasers. eventually they’ll fade to the point of almost being unnoticeable :)

  2. i’m so so glad you’re aware of it now. remember that you don’t have to go militant mode and like lock down all social media. that usually backfires, we did try it on my brother at some point and the second he got access again he went back to doing this bs out of spite. just be mindful of the rhetoric your kids are using and look for the red flags. make sure to have conversations so that they know to respect everyone, and if you see them going towards any of that stuff explain to them how it has real world consequences. if it’s possible, try and have this conversation with other parents. also don’t fear monger or just assume the position “technology bad” because that’s no better than the conservative standpoint on this crap. the only way to combat this complicated problem is with sometimes complicated conversations, but as long as you are willing to have them then it should be ok

  3. Thank you for the reply. PLease bear in mind i might not be 'right'. Im really just sharing the eventual outcome of my own shitty experience. I would like to write to you further on how i would approach it. DOnt want to be sending unsolicited PMs, so shant without your go-ahead.

  4. you can pm me if you like! something really weird happened yesterday too. i was able to talk to my brother without a fight. we talked about the cold war together because he’s a history buff. we sat down and watched videos for hours and not once did he degrade me or pick a fight. it’s the first time that’s happened since i was maybe 13. he took down his cop flag and asked me if i wanted it to destroy because he’s made new friends from mexico and norway and wants to hang those flags instead. i don’t know how or why he did this 180, maybe it was an answer from the universe after crying out for so long. he’s still got a long, long way to go but for the first time my entire life i didn’t feel underlying hatred in our interaction. i still have a lot of very right wing family members though, and i’m not out of the woods yet with my brother so i would still like to hear what you have to say :)

  5. right wing libertarianism is inherently anti punk because it upholds hierarchy through capitalism. punk is not synonymous with counter culture or unpopular, punk means punk. punks are at the least socialist but are famously anarchist. punks have similar qualities to reactionaries in the sense that they of term incorporate shock value and anti political correctness, but after that the similarities stop. it’s like saying that donald trump is a marxist because he doesn’t like the democratic party. right wing libertarians aren’t even counterculture, america is already right wing and capitalist. punks challenge our foundational systems and i hate to break it to your friend, but the foundational system is not a bunch of loud liberals online saying you’re not allowed to be racist anymore. it’s capitalism, it’s our government, it’s every goddamn thing woven into our society. conservatism just perpetuates that. your friend is not punk, he’s a status quo bootlicker with a victim complex.

  6. Fwiw, I have a much better time using extended cycle birth control. I haven’t had a period in years, and it makes my life SO MUCH better. Everything you’ve mentioned is still hormonal, so it may be that you prefer a consistent dose of hormones that doesn’t fluctuate. I use Camrese, and I have for like 10 years. I’ve had really bad side effects using different brands of the same medication, so it could be that you’re sensitive to certain brands.

  7. yeah, i was on ashlyna and i hated it. ive gotten lo-loestrin fe and i’m hoping its better. ive seen mixed reviews like with every birth control but the positive ones are really good so i’m hoping that’s what i get

  8. I needed the full dose, not the low one. You may have worse symptoms from your own biology than the side effects from some BC’s. That was definitely the case for me

  9. yeah, i’m just gonna have to do trial and error with it

  10. this is one of the coolest dye jobs ever! i love it!!

  11. woww thank you so much! i was bouncing bw this and a blue and pink! but i love mint sooo much.

  12. this was definitely the right choice! it’s such an underrated color scheme and it looks incredible on you!

  13. i bleached my hair with 20vol in january and got that nice golden blonde (didnt tone bc i was gonna dye it orange) in one session. it’s worked perfectly for my good dye young riot, but i’m getting a little bit tired of orange and my roots have grown out so i want to do coral now. when i take out the orange i’ll have the blonde in the picture, so if i lighten that once again and then gone i think i’ll be able to do coral. my question is how do i do my roots? last time i left the bleach in my roots 15 minutes to get that level. should i lighten my bleached hair to where i want and then do a separate session on my roots (maybe ~30) to match that lift? i’m not worried about the integrity of my hair as it’s very healthy and my stylist said i’d be totally fine with a second bleaching, but i’m just worried about making the roots uneven. any advice is appreciated :)

  14. Lol I have the worst timing. I found out I have a half brother the exact min i had my turn siting with my (sadly now dead) grandma in the hospital. Like damn universe tone it down a notch. (I'm adopted BTW)

  15. that honestly sounds like something that’d happen to me ugh. the universe is a б¡tçh (thanks for the censorship automod) w a sick sense of humor that’s for sure. i’m super glad you feel better :)))

  16. Lol that's funny! It definitely is. I think I just needed to vent :) I appreciate it so much

  17. Loosely related pro tip: it’s gonna take a LONG time to go from coral to periwinkle, as you’ll be transitioning from a warm tone to a cool pastel. You can always customize a formula with vivids and cut them with clear as well, but you will learn how to do that! Best of luck!

  18. i currently have orange in so it was gonna be a big leap regardless haha. luckily i only dye sections of my bangs so it’s less risky and i don’t have to worry about my whole head turning into a mess. my plan is to strip the color as much as possible and then carefully get to platinum. i’ll probably rock that for awhile and then dye it to periwinkle. i think coral to orange will be easier because i’ll just have to lighten my hair a bit so more so it’ll show a pastel but i won’t have to worry about canceling any warm undertones yet. i’m already a painter so i’m pretty good with mixing colors and i’m super excited to learn how to do that with hair the professional way :)

  19. I like that you said carefully, that’s the most important part! You’ll do great!

  20. yeah! i’m not really in a rush and i honestly don’t mind any transition colors i end up with (i had a brassy blonde and it still looked cute!) so i think it’ll work out nicely

  21. woah you are STUNNING!! i love the setup and the style!

  22. my spanish is like that LOL i switch between accents and slang

  23. when babies cry i absolutely lose my mind omg. i also feel you with the hypocrite thing. one of my triggers is yelling and whenever i get triggered i yell too so my family doesn’t take it seriously. as for concerts, if you have earplugs combined with the music the screaming is not really bad. if i was around that screaming in any other environment i’d lose my mind but i haven’t had an issue with concerts. you could get nosebleed seats so that if you need to you could step out! i think it’d be worth it to try at least once

  24. thank you!! i'm Autistic and i've had meltdowns in the....not so distant past which i am certainly not proud of

  25. i feel that, i have adhd (i suspect i might be on the spectrum but that’s something to figure out later lol) and i have breakdowns over little things all the time and it’s really frustrating. just remember it’s not anything to be ashamed of even though it feels embarrassing. we’re wired a little bit differently and sometimes it doesn’t make sense but that’s ok! we can still find ways to have just as good of a time as anyone else :) <3

  26. i’m honestly thinking i’ll leave it to heal and fade and be a slightly softer piece! depending on how i feel i know i have the option to do either! leave it or fix it :)

  27. i don’t think that’s misophonia but it sounds like it could be some sort of sensory related issue. idk if you’re neurodivergent in any way but if you are then perhaps that could be related it. if you have a therapist you should discuss it with them because your case is pretty specific and could potentially have a lot of different underlying causes

  28. this is literally my favorite tattoo i’ve ever seen. he’s beautiful

  29. I seen mathematicians and special ed teachers totally deny dyscalcula exists. (its like dyslexia but with numbers) they take it to the extremes of punishing a kid for not trying hard enough. to this day a math problem can give me a panic attack...

  30. currently getting an official diagnosis for dyscalculia because no one knows what it is and then when i explain it, i get hit with the denial. i swear to god no one believes my struggle. they just try and explain it away with fake positivity even though its so obviously a problem. the amount of times people have looked at me like i'm alien when i suggest i have a learning disability and then told me its not real and i just need to try doing it a different way is insane. dyscalculia needs a lot more awareness and research into it. it might not be the worst thing in the world to have, but in my opinion its one of the more dehumanizing things to have because it's barely taken seriously.

  31. I don’t think alarms fall within misophonia affliction.

  32. yeah they do, i can’t use alarms because of misophonia either. literally any noise you can imagine could trigger misophonia, it just depends on the person

  33. Misophonia is typically repetitive noises caused by other people/animals or inanimate objects that can’t be easily stopped. A quick alarm clock that can be easily turned off likely doesn’t fall within misophonia affliction. I can understand a ticking close, but not an alarm. Unless it’s an alarm in a neighbors house that is constantly going off.

  34. keyword “typically”. it’s not always caused by that. all misophonia is is a strong reaction to specific sounds, there’s nothing that says it have to be caused by only repetitive sounds. saying otherwise only spreads more misinformation about an already poorly understood condition

  35. Same. I always thought it was just a panic attack in response to what I was hearing. It kinda feels like when you eat rice too quickly and it gets stuck in your throat.

  36. yeah, it does feel like that! i’m glad to know i’m not alone. it’s psychically exhausting to be in this state so often. i can’t wait to move to some random place by myself in the middle of nowhere so i don’t have to feel triggered 24/7

  37. Same boat. All of my dream zillows are now “closest neighbor 10 miles.”

  38. ugh zillow! i hate my current living situation so much so i go on zillow and then get mad that i can’t afford to move out lmaooo

  39. what kind did you get? I ordered the experience pro recently but they haven't arrived yet. I'm not expecting them to block out my loud triggers, as I have intense earplugs for those. But with my intense earplugs it's really difficult to under what people are saying, plus they're uncomfortable for long periods, so I wanted something to at least block out the small stuff until I need the big guns.

  40. i got the regular ones, i haven’t tried the experience pro ones

  41. Yeah I got the calmers and it's the exact same. It actually makes my own chewing trigger me which doesn't normally happen. Pretty disappointing considering they have reviews from autistic folks on their site that even mention it helping with some of my specific triggers. It doesn't.

  42. YES I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT TOO, YOU CAN HEAR YOUR OWN CHEWING SO MUCH MORE!!!! i’m chewing gum rn and the sound of that is working better to drown out my triggers than the actual earplugs. it’d be actually hell for someone with a chewing trigger

  43. i have both. growing up i had grapheme-color synesthesia but i outgrew it. i've always had chromesthesia (music-color) and recently i have some sort of music-scent thing going. it's weird as hell because i never had it before but then one day wish you were gay by billie eilish smelled like birthday cake and i thought i was losing it. ive since found a few other songs that smell. i've also got terrible misophonia and when its triggered i get the usual misophonia reactions, but sometimes it causes physical sensations. a lot of the time it'll feel like theres a boa constrictor around my chest and i feel like i'm suffocating even thought my breathing is actually fine. now i wonder if maybe my synesthesia and misophonia are related, especially w those physical sensations

  44. I'll see if I can figure out what mine are. I've always had luck just search for "shag wigs." Didn't realize it until recently that I really seem to like this style.

  45. awesome thanks! i really love shags, my natural hair is like a grow out version of one!

  46. A couple are from Paramount Wigs which is on Etsy. You'll have to dig (or search for shags) as most of theirs are more theatrical wigs. One is an Adora brand. And one is from Rockstar - I believe it's called Hologram - but while it's probably closest in style, I'm not a huge fan of their wigs. All of them, though, will need the bangs trimmed and the wig styled a bit - but the cut is there.

  47. if it makes you feel better, i’m overweight and i got them on my chest, hips, and arms in that order. my friend who has the same stats as me has them on her thighs and butt only. my skinny guy friend has them on his stomach from growing really fast. they’re entirely random and you didn’t do anything wrong to get them. sometimes they just happen, and that’s ok. the ones on my chest are almost entirely gone now, and some of them were so bad they had texture before. my hips have faded as well, and i think soon they will go the way of the ones on my chest. my arms are the most recent, and honestly, i understand how you must feel rn bc they upset me. i don’t wear anything short sleeved anymore. last summer, some of them were still purple and they were deep and textured. even though i hate them, they are going away. they’re no longer purple. as severe as i think they are, no one whos seen my arms has ever said anything. i promise that most people don’t notice them and if they do, anyone with a brain wouldn’t think anything of them because they’re so common. if anyone gives you shit for them, they are super insecure and not worth your time. just take care of your skin (moisturize, exfoliate, ect.) and with time they will become less and less visible. there’s other more expensive treatments as some other ppl mention but most of us teens don’t really have that as an immediate option. i say wait for them to fade as much as they can, and if you still are unhappy then get the expensive treatments. by then you’ll be an adult anyway so it’ll be easier to have it done. also remember that you stretch marks will never take away from your beauty, and it’ll be ok <3

  48. It’s entirely optional (or it should be, I imagine there may be sadistic gynaecologists who insist on it and then also make bank performing the retrieval), OP was just mentioning egg retrieval which would have to happen before surgery if it all.

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