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  1. There are limits to what you can say, yeah its freedom of speech but also a responsibility to no hate speech, what tate and sneko did are just constant hate. All they did was just inspire kids to be assholes.

  2. I haven't seen much of sneako but the main things are videos of him watching interviews with women saying they are 10s and perfect and he guesses exactly what they'll say before hand and also some clips of his podcast type thing where he shows the double standards

  3. And having a child groomer on their platform ISN’T bad for business??

  4. It probably just has to do with who makes the much noise, the people who watch people like James Charles are probably much more vocal online and express their views and opinions loudly and these people are probably the main ones against people like snealo and the tates not just because of what the views of snealo and the tates are but because they don't like them as you see it with people who aren't "problematic" on YouTube so there's no actual justification to get them banned but will just get hate constantly but when people like James Charles do bad things the large vocal audice makes it seem like removing them would hurt the business as is the same case with people like cardi B who have admitted doing things like rape and robbery but still remain relevant because of their fans

  5. “Guys I don’t watch a popular show I’m so quirky and cool and better than all of you”

  6. Know somebody who watched most mainstream shows, oitnb, prison break, lost, walking dead but won't watch game of thrones because its too mainstream and don't like the genre but are massive fans of lotr and vikings

  7. United have 3 mores CL wins than shitty have. Shitty have zero ties to Manchester and zero heritage

  8. City have a much bigger tie to Manchester than United given that its club is actually in Manchester

  9. No you never see anything from cricket fans especially fans of India and Pakistan and most certainly never in Leicester

  10. Can't wait to not be able to log in for hours when their servers all catch fire at launch /s

  11. No idea why companies are still doing this release everywhere at the same time thing when it has shown pretty much everytime it happens the servers get overwhelmed then they have to work to fix the problem and get a bunch of hate

  12. That’s exactly it. It’s the circumstances of why he came out. There is plenty of articles about it online. I’m sure you will find bits and bobs about him. His name is Mathew McGreevy if you want to do some research.

  13. That's one of the problems today with people who come under some sort of scrutiny they have a defence that people can play if you scrutinise him, if people had been vocal about him grooming as he was coming out to the public they would have been seen as homophobic and they both tried to play the mental health card after the whole queue jumping incident

  14. I support mancity but my uncle got me supporting Scotland over England from a young age and as much I love city I would much rather have Scotland win the world Cup

  15. They really don't think there's anything globally noteworthy achieved after the moon landing, do they?

  16. It's the fact they think they won the space race Russia was first to do everything except put a man on the moon, it'd be like challenging someone to 10 races losing 9 but winning the 10th and claiming because it was the final race it means more than the other 9

  17. Their obsession with hanging onto what was effectively a British system for measurements, is so at odds with the rest of their culture. It’s even called imperial and I’m pretty sure that’s partially what their war of independence was against

  18. They also love to put the month first but the most patriotic day in their calendar they call it the 4th of July, they baffle me at times

  19. It amazes me why people don’t understand what the monarchy is and it’s long deep rooted history is of the country.

  20. I get the impression some people don't get how beneficial it is to have the military swear allegiance to something like the monarchy that doesn't take sides and is unchanging with people's political views, just look at the US when Biden won and there were the capitol riots, active members of the military and police rioting and getting mad over who was in charge because it wasn't who they voted for, I know we aren't as extreme as the US when it comes to politics but its nice there's a symbol under which the forces are unified

  21. Yes, you'd have to wait! Otherwise, all that spacecheddar you'll get back for decom & selling will NOT copy over to the PC.

  22. Ffs now I have to wait another 9 days, thanks for the answer

  23. They were very clear about this weeks ago.

  24. My bad I might have missed that one I wasn't sure whether I had to wait til after to get the full refund I've only been following loosely

  25. Probably disturbing the peace or something like that, its a procession of the queens dead body they would probably arrest someone if they did this at a normal procession if police were there or if you showed up at a funeral shouting things, its if they are charged that makes a difference which I doubt they will but who knows

  26. Posted to pretty much every sport on the site except rugby

  27. Same colour shorts as sevilla

  28. I get walker wanting a shot from there but at least hit the fucking target

  29. Is there anymore information on what is happening with fleet carriers, when are we able to decommission them to get the full refund for transferring over

  30. United fans are trying to forget Brentford

  31. He put himself in front of the vehicle is the issue

  32. Tells them to get off the property then is shocked when they try to get off property

  33. Haaland never scoring against Bournemouth confirm then

  34. Bournemouth getting relegated and never coming back confirmed

  35. Groups E-F all have a single team worth more than the other 3 combined

  36. 0-0 is too easy for City. They start at 2-0 down for the challenge.

  37. Stops the boring football argument

  38. I agree with this take. Think it's a harsh red, but it's high and absolutely could go either way. This is not a clear/obvious error that needed to be dealt with.

  39. I agree it could have been seen as a harsh red had his back foot still been on the floor but once both feet are in the air it's a different situation as he is clearly jumping into it

  40. So out of 10 months he played well for 2, those other 8 months were constantly filled with performances that should have excluded him from playing as much as he did and that's what always happened with sterling he would have a long streak of playing poorly to then have a few outstanding games only to fall back to a standard not deserving of a place but was often forgotten about because he put in a few good games

  41. So you want a cartel? Domination from trillionaires (City, Chelsea, Newcastle) would ruin football, but domination from teams who will always have the highest revenue would also ruin it. If it wasn’t for Chelsea and City’s investment the premier league would still be utterly dominated by United, Liverpool and Arsenal, particularly United who hoovered up the premier league’s best talent year after year (Cole, Rooney, Ferdinand etc.) The fact that Liverpool and City are the two dominant forces is testament to the fact that we’re close to a good balance between the two factors, and the fact that they’re so well run is what’s lead to lack of competition and not pure spending power. Belief that success should be based on previous success is what lead to the ESL

  42. You make a good point about teams like united Liverpool and arsenal buying the best players from every team in the league as that's exactly what's happened in the bundesliga and is now at the point where you can predict who will win the league next season because the answer will be bayern for years to come unless some really weird chain of events happen but some people still want the prem to go back to those days just because they don't like seeing other teams at the top

  43. first united manager in 100 years to lose their first two league games

  44. wonder what the record is for games for united to score a goal that isn't an own goal

  45. Would have scored earlier if foden had passed to him , his positionings been decent

  46. I don't mind when they have vegan products but they need to stop saying its a vegan option of a meat product such as sausage rolls or bacon or beef burgers as they might look that way but they taste different another one was last year I have a friend who gets a sausage and cheese bean melt from greggs but it was removed only for the vegan option to be released, so he couldn't get his meat version because of the vegan one replacing it although they brought the meat version back later, summed up its some things get replaced and the advertising that it's the same thing just a vegan option

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