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  1. Well I don’t own any pets to hit, but even if I did I wouldn’t have done that

  2. Good, I was worried these comments might go the other way! I’d never hit my pets, even in an effort to “train”

  3. I made on in ceramics class in the shape of a pizza. Used it a couple times so I’d say it’s safe

  4. Bugs. Most people are either creeped out, think they’re gross, know nothing about them, or a combination of the 3. Invertebrates make up most of the animal population and people constantly step on them (literally)! How would you like to die for just being an inconvenience to a bigger creature?

  5. My cats name is frankincense and I smoked a lot when I made this profile

  6. Probably like once per week, if I had more energy I think I’d do it more though

  7. I think the sound they make in death is cute and I’m tired of pretending it’s not!

  8. Concerned? I'd think so, that group is certainly plotting something.

  9. Can conjoined tarantulas weave webs with both their spinnerets? Maybe only one? How would they live, would it be difficult to survive with no human interaction?

  10. Didn’t necessarily like it, but I respect the effort that was put into this movie. I don’t know the budget but the amount of gross profit is amazing! A real first for cinema!

  11. Mine is in a 12x12x12 cube (that’s about 7 gallons)! Allows for 6+ inches of burying substrate and room for hides. Definitely recommend.

  12. At a reptile show. I found for you online:

  13. It's actually called Axel F and Crazy Frog is the nickname of the character from the video, hence the remix title. The character was originally named Annoying Thing, and Harold Faltmeyer is the original artist of the song.

  14. Yeah, props to the person that’s making my city look like a fucking dumpster fire. we need totally more of that sprayed all over the place on random buildings and on mailboxes. 🔥 by the way that probably cost close to $1000 to remove. Least his not paying to remove it. So yea fuck the property owner but yeah props to the guy.

  15. Why are you in this sub just to hate? Bro spend your time enjoying things instead

  16. Had to make sure I wasn't on the Fallout subreddit. Beautiful picture!

  17. Think about all the spiders you have been really close to, but just never saw them.

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