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  1. Yeah, the lack of keyboard navigation is the worst part about it for me. Click, type "m" + Enter for Messages; "a" + Enter for AirDrop etc. No longer possible. You have to move the cursor over and click what you want.

  2. You need to use a credit card with a US billing address.

  3. I thought that was intentional and I actually liked it.

  4. Lol yeah I just downloaded a safari extension which desaturates and dims images when in dark mode and it is excellent; I’d love to see that in more parts of the UI if not as a system wide feature (akin to night shift). But people have different tastes and it’s not something one can argue about

  5. Now I’m thinking maybe it’s something for the always on display on the 14…

  6. No. When you sign out you’ll get an option to keep the data on your phone.

  7. I have an ad blocker, so is that causing it? If so, is it bad?

  8. It’s not bad, it’s basically checking for bots. It will just will show this more often with Adblock and also if you block cookies or use private browsing.

  9. In the Automation tab, tap + and then Create a Personal Automation. Select Sleep, then Next. Tap “Add Action” and search for Home. You want the “Control {Home Name}” action. You can select what to turn off.

  10. The support article it links to for "firmware details" also doesn't exist. Hopefully they'll be posting release notes as well.

  11. Yeahhh !! even do i think we'll always get " This update includes fixes bugs & improve performance for your AirPods. " it's still nice to have it HAHHA 🤣

  12. Settings won't show "beta" next to the OS version, so that's expected. You're probably on the current build of the beta, hence why no updates.

  13. There’s no option for me, is this a feature of iOS 15? I’m using 14.6

  14. Yeah it’s an iOS 15 option. There are probably apps that can do it if you don’t want to update.

  15. Timmy? I'm respecting your privacy by knocking, but asserting my authority by coming in anyway!

  16. It might be a good idea for OP to at least have a conversation with HR about their own choices just to confirm that the tank-top is okay. (If HR is different gender, even say “You can invite a same-gender into this meeting if that seems appropriate.”) Just be chill about it and confirm that it’s cool. A pre-emptive informal meeting would make it hard for Brian to complain down the road. And if he threatens to, OP can say, “Oh I already talked to HR on August 3.”

  17. Even better if you’re just confirming the policy is to do it via email. That way there’s a paper trail and you have a copy of it too.

  18. “If you wish to enable the Developer Mode inside iOS 16, you can do it directly on your iPhone without Xcode, and no need to connect it to a Mac or any other device. To turn on Developer Mode, open the Settings app on your iPhone. Now, scroll down a bit and select Privacy & Security.” So I’m not sure I’m so confused

  19. Yeah so I believe you'd need to enable Developer Mode first on your phone, but getting the Developer Settings menu still requires Xcode AFAIK.

  20. I can’t believe the comments on the original post trying to guilt you into doing it (I noticed none of them volunteered to donate). I’m glad you didn’t; your sperm donor is where he belongs now.

  21. It’s because they replace the whole device at a lower rate, like you mention. They won’t do it because otherwise everyone could just say “I don’t like the battery life” when they have some other problem that would normally cost several hundred dollars/euro/etc and get a huge discount.

  22. If you do it online and mail your old device back, you will get a refund to the card you used after it’s been received and evaluated.

  23. On your phone, go to Settings > Contacts > Accounts and make sure none of her accounts are there.

  24. I meant, ask them for a new laptop. At least that is what I was thinking. I do not know what is the standard way such things are done. It has the ruined the *pro* experience of paying so much and facing a hardware issue in 3 weeks.

  25. The return period is 2 weeks but you could/should ask for an exception. A brand new machine shouldn’t have that kind of problem.

  26. Yes it’s a scam. They want your Apple ID info so they can remove the Activation Lock.

  27. No, Notes uses a separate password that you set. Turning off your device passcode won’t affect it.

  28. If you long press on the widget after you've added it to the Home Screen and tap "Edit Widget" you should get the option to select which list is shown. If I'm understanding what you want correctly.

  29. You can't change the position but you can turn it off if you want to in Settings > Siri & Search > Show When Sharing.

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