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  1. It looks really lovely! It looks like a rather traditional dress and super suits you

  2. Seriously, if i had money I'd ask you to put it on etsy or redbubble because I'd love it as a 6*8 print

  3. But the guy at the bar said he'd turn you straight with his cock!

  4. You've no idea how dark some kid shows can get, then. Especially ones made by Disney.

  5. Yeah it’s like they think every mental disorder is the same? What the fuck does DPD have to do with Gender Dysphoria? Its not like you treat Anorexia with Adderall…

  6. I think they're such an uninformed moron that they think that Trans people, like myself, suffer from DPD when in reality they're nothing alike.

  7. Yeah, I mean.. $70. It's not chump change.

  8. For me, i have an illness that doesn't allow me to work so flight sim is a big form of escapism, particularly when my legs are too painful to walk, so it would be worth the money if i had it.

  9. Your a much more mature person than I am

  10. Nope, B4235 between llangwm and Chepstow

  11. Darn. Rare to see something from Wales and it looked like a section of the a470


  13. That's actually amazing. I've never noticed this option, thank you

  14. Who's this by and where did you purchase it?

  15. UPDATE!: I opened it and fixed the two reeds that were problematic by examinine the others and seeing the differences

  16. I bought it for very cheap (£35) as a "screw it may as well give it a go" sort of thing. If there is no way to fix this that's a shame but it happens

  17. My GF and I are doing a she-ra based prom attire!!!

  18. Where did you get the ear cuffs? They're awesome

  19. 52% of the population didn't vote for Brexit. Something around 30% of eligible voters, voted for Brexit. This was also 6 years ago. So that number is decreasing every year as the under 18s come to majority. Been a while since I had a Brexit grumble.

  20. Exactly. It qas 52% of those who voted at the time (2016). The trend of voting to leave increased with age, meaning that anyone now an adult that wasn't at the time would most likely have voted to stay.

  21. Bottas missing first practice qualifies 4th refused to elaborate and leaves

  22. The Iceman has left, now we have the Dry Iceman.

  23. I've had a proving basket since late January and still haven't got around to using it yet. This really made me want to use it!

  24. I was there too, my friend (had CFS diagonosed at like 13). It really sucks I don't even have advice for you. Just know that peeps care about you

  25. You two are adorable! Screw what other people think, hold hands, get kissed and hug wherever you are want!

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