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  1. Lamelo and Andrew Wiggins. Still finished runner up even tho I ran away with the regular season.

  2. I agree. No one is going to be loved or liked by everyone. People just want to be and thrive and not have to conform because someone doesn’t agree with how they are living their lives. Yes, people do need to just mind their own business!

  3. Yup and not trying to argue with you but I just associate tolerance with minding of business at a minimum. I hate how we even have to have this damn discussion….

  4. I hear you and I didn’t take it as arguing…..

  5. Cool cool! Didn’t want to come off as being contrary! Internet!!!!!

  6. My strategy was sound I just picked up with wrong blazer forward for the weekend (watford over Eubanks).

  7. I don’t even know if that’s a careful thing, just bad luck. No way you could have anticipated how it panned out. Hope that makes you feel better lol

  8. oh 100% I'm over it! Fantasy is a lot of luck. My team dominated the regular season so I feel like the 07 patriots right now but life most certainly goes on hahaa

  9. Especially considering his only father figure was Delonte West

  10. Welp I bet on Watford and lost my championship by 50 pts….. pain

  11. “You’re so brainwashed, I bet he has a giant dick that all you libtards wish you had. No one with a small penis could have 5 kids. Fact check that.”

  12. I’ll find out today. Championship on the line. We both have a full lineup. I’m up 30.

  13. The luck doesn’t appear to have been on my side. Unless said luck was waiting for Kyle anderson to put up a 110 piece

  14. What a flaming idiot mother fucker. How are individuals this fucking dumb. It blows my mind.

  15. “Visually madden sets the standard for sports games”

  16. Came her to say this about 2K. It has its flaw but looks and plays so much better it’s not even funny.

  17. I say let him try to develop that aspect of his game. If it doesn’t pan out then you can reign him in when we are contending.

  18. I mean he’s a 3 and D guy. There is nothing wrong with that. I think his great defense vastly overrated his perceived value in the sub. He won’t develop a “finishing” game because he’s simply not that type of player in this league.

  19. I knew right from shit peppers that this dude would be a true mensch

  20. They want those top 5 odds after Charlotte won in Dallas last night. And can you blame them? Get end of career dame with wemby and that city actually might get a title with a loyal superstar.

  21. If chet can average 14-7-2 on 51-37-88 on 1.5 blk a game we’ll win 55 games

  22. There is no way this is a real fucking tweet 😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Ah yes one with a weed cart and the other who is accused of human trafficking. Seems like very similar crimes

  24. Well Vassell got and Artroscopy and is resting the b2bs cause they are tanking. Not sure he is the best example tbhl.

  25. The whole spurs team seems frustrating right now. I’m playing a dude who has 3 of em (Collins, jones, Johnson) and their load management is helping me

  26. I’m not getting why most r not minding there own business Take care if ur own shit and don’t worry about anyone else I’ll tell u one thing I’d rather go into a drag bar then a maga, or cop bar, matter of fact I would feel a lot safer in there than a cop bar

  27. This first sentence is the thing that I (hope) think they don’t get. Like you want people to mind their own business when it comes to you, how about you start practicing what you preach?

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