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  1. You can look at men at any age, even four times your age, but keep in mind they might be able to see you back with their poor eyesight.

  2. People on bikes are just as stupid as people in cars. I don't think the problem are the lanes. It's the people.

  3. Did you even read it? Not exactly the same, but certainly not half. The truck looks to be only 2,000 lbs heavier than a long haul diesel semi. The hauling weight can be verified by the very visible concrete road barriers being hauled on that flat bed. That can’t be more weight than the 500 mile test because that wouldn’t make the truck road legal.

  4. The truck they used to do the analysis is not the truck that did the 500 mile drive. It is nonsense. They don't even know if the load they are analyzing is actually 4k lb per barrier. It's a guess. If they are intentionally lighter to give the impression of being to pull a heavy load, then this exercise is even more worthless.

  5. So…. Basically you are saying they are using styrofoam barriers or something to intentionally misdirect. With no evidence. Just pure bias.

  6. I'm saying you can't accurately guess the weight of a concrete barrier by looking at it and Tesla might use that to its advantage.

  7. Talk to the school principal about it. Frame it as disrespectful to any Jews or Muslims on the team.

  8. Watch the principal ask you which students are Jews and Muslims as he strokes a shotgun. This is rural America, mind you.

  9. The rage part of me would say to do a Satanic prayer at the next match to make them squirm, but realistically you wouldn't do that to your son. With the latest supreme court ruling, there really isn't much you can do legally either. This all sucks.

  10. If you're not in AP classes, you're pretty much attending a young adult daycare. The kids don't care at all about learning in most of the classes. So if you apply yourself at all, you're easily the head of the class.

  11. Pro tip: Glad fabreeze kitchen trash bags fit those well and cut the stink. And you never have to worry about this.

  12. But they cost 1/10 the cost of the diaper genie refills. How am I going to go broke having children if I don't buy the official refills?

  13. Time to abandon that family and move on. It's for the best.

  14. Worst case, if nothing else works, get a small drill bit and drill down the center of the screw. Use progressively larger bits until the screw no longer holds the parts together. To reassemble, either leave the screw off if you can. If you can't, a self tapping screw the is slightly larger might work. Hard to tell without seeing it.

  15. True or not, this sounds like the setup for a joke, and he is a comedian.

  16. Now we know where Great Great Grampa Trump lived in England.

  17. Looks like a poster for a made for tv movie. A comedy.

  18. How come I can hear this picture wheezing?

  19. Oh boy, I have news for you if you think men in their twenties and thirties are better...

  20. The strongest indicator of success at birth is the wealth of the parents. Everything else (genetics, upbringing) is secondary. On average, a low IQ wealthy child will do much better than a high IQ poverty stricken child, and this is true in every country.

  21. It's called something else when peckers are involved...

  22. Sometimes suicide is the answer. In progressive countries like Belgium, people can get medically assisted suicide for a wide range of reasons far beyond terminal illness. It has been used by people with chronic depression, chronic pain, people with age related disabilities,... etc. I feel if someone truly doesn't want to live, it is cruel to force them to.

  23. no way. it needs a hub to do the processing.

  24. I ended up finding a video doorbell that does what I want. It's called dbell. It doesn't need a hub. Locally records, has ONVIF, sends emails on button press, two way audio. Ethernet and wifi, comes with wireless chime you can place inside, and it costs $40. The same company is coming out with an AI enabled version in 2023 I might try too.

  25. I have wireless sensors to tell me if the patio furniture are covered, patio umbrella is open, etc. Then I have the HA look at tomorrow and today's weather forecast and if it's going to rain or if it's going to be too windy, it lets me know I need to put stuff away. And in general if there is going to be extreme weather, it lets me know.

  26. Yeah I would love to have sensors that tell me if furniture is covered. What did you use?

  27. Contact sensor wired to a photoresistor to tell if it can see enough light.

  28. This should be its own sport, offense/defense only soccer. At the half, you switch positions.

  29. Don't you know the rhyme that tells you how to use a and an?

  30. I used to me Muslim and we celebrated Christmas. As an atheist you better believe I'm down for presents, days off work, and Christmas sweaters.

  31. I have a text file filled with random words that contains the seed phrase randomly distributed. I then encrypted the text file using a very strong password. I keep three copies of this file in three formats and locations: thumb drive, computer, and cloud. I then created a custom program that can unencrypt the file and find the seed phrase and display it as an image on the screen. The program doesn't create temporary files that can later be recovered. It does everything on the fly and a reboot ensures everything is destroyed. The program is located on a different thumb drive, a different computer, and a separate cloud service. When I need my seed phrase, I stick the thumb drive with the program into the computer with the encrypted file to look at it. If I ever lose one or the other, I have multiple backups. If someone steals the file or the program separately, they are worthless and frankly look like random files. Even if you got my encrypted text file and unencrypted it, it just contains thousands of random words. I encrypted the text file so that it doesn't look like something that contains a seed phrase.

  32. I saw your older post asking for advice on how not to appear creepy and predatory to her family dating their youngest as someone significantly older.

  33. Well, if the shoe fits. This guy is much older, dating a student and his employee, moving her in and then doing this with the family. Creepy.

  34. Take psilocybin mushrooms with a small close group of beloved people. Go on a road trip. Swim in the ocean. Pet every dog you can. Go camping and brew coffee over an open campfire early in the morning when everything is covered in dew. Tell everyone you love exactly how much you love them in great detail. Go out into pouring rain and feel it on your skin. Sit in the sunshine with your eyes closed and feel its warmth. Get a tattoo.

  35. Everyone should do these things. Keep in mind, we are terminal in a sense.

  36. To be fair, mods are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

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