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  1. The helicopter appears to be a Ka-52, although I’m not an expert. I also censored the name of this account because it’s the only post like this she’s made. There are a few posts just supporting Russia and her husband serving in the Air Force. The rest of the account in mainly pictures of her pet raccoon

  2. R5: title basically. Paradox pulled a fairly obscure fascist party for the focus tree. Very similar to how Paradox made the EEE a main player in the Byzantine focus tree even though they were pretty obscure. This is sort of reflected in the fact that Metaxas has national spirits that give small amounts of fascist support and can just become leader of the fascist party because he was pretty close to being one irl

  3. 15% is honestly negligible in the early game as research bonuses don’t have as much time to compound on each other. Definitely something the player should get rid of but it’s not as grueling as some of the Soviet spirits, especially when you get purge events

  4. A glance at Wikipedia says the Mesafint are hereditary nobility and the Mekwanint are nobles that were personally granted their titles. My guess is that siding with the Mesafint gives military bonuses. I assume the Mekwanint are the opposite and will give bonuses to everything else as they were apparently the unofficial bureaucrats. Empowering one group a lot I assume leads to a fascist or democratic coup respectively

  5. Man that whole -5% war justification time has saved me so many days

  6. If my memory serves me, the average war goal justification from 0% world tension is a little over 200 days. Given that you’ll probably have at most one of those as Italy, that national spirit saves you a grand total of almost two weeks on starting your war. The relations changes are pretty much inconsequential bc it takes like -150 opinion to stop someone trading with you and you can’t get a non aggression pact from just maxed out relations

  7. R5: Italy’s national spirit has much milder bonuses that would be common in EU4, where relations and casus beli modifiers usually stack multiple times across a longer time frame

  8. Yes i do! And I just finished you all armchair western retards, i fucked more pussies all of ypu combined and they fuck you now but with strapon

  9. For countries without a focus tree it’s bc Fascism gives the insane 7.00% recruitable population, no limits on war goals, Allies will cockblock said war goals after a while which makes joining the Axis very beneficial, Soviets and Allies won’t declare any offensive wars on historical you can join in on. Countries that have focus trees give a lot more options to non fascist paths and make the fascist ones more realistic.

  10. I like how in war literally any excuse for killing civilians is "they're using human shields." Yeah the civilians taking cover in the building down the block you leveled were definitely human shields. Some Israel type beat.

  11. I’ve seen pro Russia memes that are pretty much just a relabeled version of the Pro-Israel ones about Hamas using civilians as human shields. Seeing that was the most a meme has ever changed my stance on something and not in the way the creator intended. Edit: I deleted the post but I reposted said image to GenZedong as a test and it got like 100 upvotes and 0 down votes lol

  12. I need sause on the Batman unit. A bunch of sexually commi larpers naming their unit after the American superhero with the literal power of capitalism is something I need to see.

  13. Only 36 years, not bad. You'd think after an entire generation they'd be like "maybe we should do something else". Like seriously who is supplying these troops lol


  15. Where do you think the troops are? Watching Skagerrak for Dane invaders?

  16. I would assume anyone that thinks Germany is the much bigger threat. It would be cool if there was an option to do a Nixon in China thing to diplomatically further isolate Germany.

  17. I think something like the United Arab Republic (short lived union between Egypt and Syria) would be cool because most of the Middle East in Civ games is taken up by ancient empires. They did a short lived super state with Gran Columbia so it’s not improbable.

  18. I would recommend spending that money upgrading centers of trade in Italy. If you have upgraded centers + economic and/or trade ideas, once your monthly income shoots up you can take out the loans to pay for the monument. Also it’s better to get that event later because you’ll be able to spend money on more monuments

  19. Hirohito is by far the best if only by comparison to his vanilla portrait. Great work all around though

  20. I think the Russia player must have just bought La Resistance and No Step Back. The lack of collaboration is hurting the supply

  21. If you didn’t delete the equipment then the AI is vulnerable for two weeks max before they deploy new troops with the same manpower and equipment. Also the bonus attack/defense on core territory makes it a little easier

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