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  1. No. Vote for Warnock, a progressive candidate. Not just because he’s “blue”.

  2. Corporations really trying to make a recession happen. My ass refuses to buy into their propaganda.

  3. Yeah. But it’s harder to use and find anything useful or interesting.

  4. Everything seems hard to use when you’re unfamiliar with it.

  5. Conservatives: “Never let a tragedy go to waste”.

  6. We broke the planet. Now we get to have 120 degree summers and luke warm winters.

  7. The planet will be fine… people, on the other hand, are fucked.

  8. That’s the thing. From now on, this is the cold front 😢

  9. See: global warming and climate change. You know, that thing republicans call fake news.

  10. For me, I know what i want and my cellular provider’s retail store is right around the corner from my house. They get to sell me the phone and nothing more. Driving to the mall or a big shopping center to get to an Apple Store or Best Buy is a hassle

  11. Personally, I prefer to deal with a longer drive than the unpleasantness of buying something in a carrier store. Obviously if you live hours from an Apple Store that’s not a practical option.

  12. My T-Mobile stores have been fine. Obviously mileage may vary depending on where you live.

  13. If I’m buying a $1000 phone I expect more than “fine”.

  14. Can you save images from it? Every time I try it does nothing and just puts a progress bar across the icon in the dock.

  15. Ah why didn’t I think of drag and drop. That seems to be a decent workaround for now. Thanks!

  16. Another fun quirk is that once you have an image displayed, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious way to close it. There’s no X or close button that I can see. Clicking on the image or the background doesn’t seem to close it either. The only thing that seems to work is hitting the escape key.

  17. A reminder that Iran was a nice place before the CIA helped overthrow a democratically elected leader and replaced him with a toady puppet president, which led to the revolution by religious extremists

  18. I wonder what percentage of the American public knows this

  19. Especially the reason why the CIA overthrew that leader: he wanted to end foreign companies siphoning all the oil profits and intended to redirect that revenue to directly benefit the Iranian people.

  20. There's a difference between two people having an honest and courteous debate in good faith about a controversial subject and someone ingenuously repeating old tropes which may have been previously disproven ad nauseam with the intent of stirring shit up.

  21. Either this is awesome or someone is running a campaign cause I've seen ChatGPT on my front-page about 6 times today.

  22. It’s impressive and terrifying. Create a free account and check it out yourself.

  23. It’s Elon’s Twitter. It’ll be rough around the edges and poor quality control… just like a Tesla.

  24. Be thankful it doesn’t spontaneously burst into flames.

  25. I’m waiting for Ultra 2. First Gen always has kinks to work out. 2 will be rad though. And there will be good apps figured out by then.

  26. The first version is fine. All it needs is a good freediving app.

  27. The Depth app would be fine if they’d bothered to include surface interval time.

  28. You can definitely place any photo in any album you want. The problem you’re facing is a misunderstanding of how the camera roll works. It is not a container that you can move photos in and out of. All photos and videos in your library are going to remain in the main camera roll, regardless of whether to place any of them into an album. There is no way to move, you’re only copying/referencing them.

  29. To a racist, it is more offensive to be called out for being a racist, than actually being racist.

  30. How is rice going to pull the water out of the electronics through glass and metal frames?

  31. Dry, uncooked, rice absorbs moisture from the air. So the idea is that if you do your best to dry a device and then put it in a sealed bag with some rice for a period of hours or days, the rice will absorb moisture from the air inside the bag, and draw out moisture from inside the device.

  32. Moisture out of the air is way different than moisture inside an electronic that already has had transistors affect.

  33. If water has already reached electronic circuits, then the device is probably permanently damaged or dead. But if water only made it partially in and didn’t reach any electrical circuits, then placing it in a low humidity environment for an extended period of time may dry out the remaining moisture and save the device, or perhaps reduce the amount of water damage.

  34. They are always improving all the cameras. But the primary camera will always have better quality than the secondary ones.

  35. The standard lens/camera will deliver the highest quality images. The telephoto and Ultra Wide are compromises between quality and expended optical capabilities. This has always been the case.

  36. For every great idea there’s an opportunist waiting to monetize and ruin it.

  37. It will go away in its own after 24-48 hours and the phone has dried completely. Overriding it risks shorting out and destroying your phone.

  38. Whenever I see a 14 Pro I think it looks comically weird with that huge camera next to my 12 Pro.

  39. It’s all relative. Anything new looks weird until it doesn’t.

  40. It’s an affordance. It’s part of the operating system. Affordances are little graphical clues to let the user know there’s some hidden functionality there.

  41. FYI this costs thousands of dollars, requires grinding your real teeth down, and will require thousands more to maintain and replace in years to come.

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