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  1. the way I completely forgot that they were married and are connected in any way.

  2. i think it’s more like 7 songs to know someone’s music taste as a swiftie but this works too! your life sounds like a ahem love story

  3. I hope Ari works with Max Martin again🥲 they made HITS together

  4. I’m actually surprised by the fact that Mila, Carrie, Scott & Emily weren’t already over 40 for some reason. I don’t think I would’ve been shocked if you told me they were turning 50.

  5. This is a tough poll because I feel like all these songs have aged like fine wine (maybe except for Problem) and are super replayable but I honestly gotta go with Positions. It’s been almost 3 years and I’m still not tired of listening to that song almost daily, which is pretty amazing. The Positions album honestly isn’t my favorite but wow Positions the lead single is such a perfectly crafted song. It’s just gorgeous, catchy, and so beyond replayable.

  6. Love this performance. I remember that I couldn’t stop watching it when it came out. Can’t believe that was almost 8 years ago :’)

  7. ticketmaster better have fixed their shit because when she announces international dates it’s going to be chaotic

  8. This chart is for the week prior to when AOTGYLB came out. All of the Girls will definitely chart next week when it’s actually eligible!

  9. HOW are paparazzi still legal? seriously something needs to be done about this and it’s long overdue

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