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  1. He looked more he was being aggressively affectionate rather than aggressively aggressive, but still. Definitely a good time to be wearing brown pants.

  2. I've never seen a backyard zoo admittedly but this seems more professional than I would imagine one to be.

  3. In real ones the handlers don’t interact and play with tigers like that. Also real ones try to make their roaming space at least more stimulate looking, this is some fenced up grass plot with a swimming pool in it

  4. It’s not just an American problem lol. Gambling is a real addiction and the baddest ones will scam money from friends, family like a serious drug addict

  5. I read somewhere in China if you help someone that’s injured and they can’t pay the full hospital bill you have to help pay it family or not it might be an old law I don’t remember

  6. That’s why it’s dumb. Not an exclusive bonus when it’s available for everyone to buy and play.

  7. Nah these look like adults and free folk, apple only uses children and slaves.

  8. I assume that they’re all slave labors, be it Apple, Samsung, Tesla, local company like Oppo etc

  9. I did not know that Resident evil 3 had a demo lol. I’m going to try it out tomorrow

  10. Still not that accurate I guess, since the balloon will be filled with water too... so it won't up float that fast.

  11. She’s waiving her hands as she’s swimming and her legs are moving too. I’d say she would still go up

  12. Everything about this is wrong.

  13. It would have helped if she would’ve placed her leg to the second or third step and lean to it

  14. Me too. 60% of time my friends can share files with me, 10% my airdrop manages to find my friends phone if I’m being generous.

  15. Is it normal for leech to be that big? How long do they even leave if it’s feed it regularly?

  16. Going by the quality of that handrail that the welder leans on occasionally.. I doubt that they’re “really locked in” lol

  17. He apparently made a teen age girl to share about her sexual experience and after she revealed crying that she was raped around 12, he continued “right… is that your only experience you’ve had “ lol

  18. So literally like every single influencer or unboxing or "not a sponsor" channel on youtube.

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