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  1. Personally, I cant stand her - she's mentally ill and openly admitted to raping a guy. But thats not her "porstar" creation i guess

  2. I hope that it is not based on a real story

  3. The things that could improve my life will never magically get better. In fact, things will objectively just get worse as I age. Ive already had enough in the short time Ive been alive, I know what my life has in store for me, and its not going to be good.

  4. whole life ahead of you then! :)

  5. area 51, hell yeah that would be my bet

  6. luck, was close to dying in a glass accident, about 0,5cm to die

  7. so, I walked into the room, pulling the door handle in a rush, in a fraction of a second they fell to pieces like in a movie, I was half a centimeter to puncture the carotid artery which would result in bleeding out in a few minutes

  8. I guess like the other species but just way more stronger and powerful in terms of animal language?

  9. I fear of death, I fear of nothing, not actually the process of dying

  10. It scares me when I black out, I fear I'm doing irreparable damage to my brain every time.

  11. do you actually doing irreparable damage? 2 months ago I experienced my first ( i hope last) blackout, I went crazy about damage to brain that you can make by these memory losses, and if its one-time event then it unlikely destroys your brain, it only affects your future memory until youre sober - and trust me I was doing some crazy shit research about it, found some hippocampus rat researches, and such more

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