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  1. Now add vaxei to that usa lineup… see you next year for the same thing as every year now lol

  2. I mean it’s all but over for him at this point, pretty tragic

  3. Great fit as the last spot on my fantasy bench/utility player

  4. We always bring up these statistics while ignoring the rampant and continuous voter suppression all around the country. We don't even give people Election Day off from work. Low voter turnout is a feature, not a bug.

  5. There's almost always a multitude of systemic problems in the ways of issues which makes solutions to the root problem next to impossible without first attacking the systemic barriers. It's all features and it sucks

  6. ...I got banned for "threatening violence" by way of a Jay and Silent Bob quote.

  7. Theyre making shit up as they go lmao

  8. Came for the SSIIUUUU, was not dissapointed

  9. I have lots of woods on my property so plenty has been cleaned up and harvested and being seasoned. Was going to sell it on the cheap to people in low income situations

  10. That’s really nice of you man, enjoy your thanksgiving or day

  11. If you need firewood I have some you can take. I'll help you with it too but I'm injured so I'll be only kinda helpful lol

  12. Nah I don’t have a wood stove, natural gas sadly. I know people that leave wood in cubbies that say like $10 each with a box on the side of the road, if you trust people that drive by enough.

  13. With just a bit of effort (like setting up a

  14. From what I see except sales in last month or two it was $150-180 every few weeks. Considering B450 is more expensive than H610 you are still looking at $80-130 price increase on a budget build.

  15. Got the 5600, for $99 a few months ago now in newegg flash sale, normal sales been catching up now though

  16. Got the 5600, for $99 a few months ago now in newegg flash sale, normal sales been catching up now

  17. Money doesn’t buy happiness btw lmao i wanna die in gta

  18. Went from leaves to skiing as the daily question have fun answering

  19. It'll sell out in an instant. I'd rather pay the extra $18 to have longer lasting stock

  20. When newegg did the $99 flash sales they sold out in like 30 seconds each time yeah

  21. they never learn until it's too late and they don't have 2k for rent

  22. These clowns will never learn anything

  23. I wish people like Alinsky were still around

  24. Had them since 2017, replaced earpads once and the cable would sometimes get some static until i replugged it but that was after 4+ years of daily use. What a deal

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