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  1. Describing stand up comedy as "just trying to write a good dick joke", or saying "they just tell dick jokes".

  2. I often have to smirk when I see someone claiming to get through a chapter a week or less. I can almost guarantee this person isn’t doing any of the exercises by hand and is mistaking performing Anki reps for true progress.

  3. How is doing Anki not "true progress"? I have been doing Anki every day for the last few months and my vocabulary has noticeably increased by so much.

  4. For me Anki is a deadend. It just does not work for me, maybe I am not the only one :) However Anki is really useful for others.

  5. I didn't use Anki at first either. I tried, but I couldn't bring myself to follow through with it. But when I started getting to around N3 / N2 level and I realized I had to memorize thousands and thousands of words, I realized that Anki was the only efficient way to do it and I started making my own deck in a way that worked best for me.

  6. i recommend using iHerb to get natural, “western” shampoo. I was able to continue getting what I always used the states, which is shampoo/conditioner by ArtNaturals. Worked really well for me. Shipping is fast too.

  7. don’t take advice about how to learn japanese from somebody who isn’t actually good at japanese. even if they are a youtuber.

  8. facts... a lot of the advice on here has the energy of a 7th grader giving career advice to a 6th grader

  9. One thing that really helped me with my learning was watching through all of terrace house with japanese subtitles only and looking up words as I watched.

  10. Was this in Chicago? If it was, I walked in and right back out, gave me anxiety

  11. “I’m an american” why does it matter? 😂😂 wtf

  12. thought it could be an american thing. don’t know how food temperature varies from country to country bro

  13. To add a little bit to this. It's actually considered good manner to slurp when eating ramen; if you eat the ramen without any noise, it means that the ramen that was served to you is not hot enough.

  14. There are notebooks called genkoyoushi specifically made for practicing writing kanji if you're interested. Can buy on amazon

  15. It depends on the context he is using it in. If the way hes talking to you is completely friendly and you don't feel any weird vibes or condescension, but the only thing that's throwing you off is his saying kimi occasionally, I wouldn't overthink it. I've been called kimi/anata in a joking/friendly way by my girlfriend or friends before, and there was no bad intent behind it. If there are other signs that are making you feel like hes looking down on you and it doesn't feel friendly, then maybe.

  16. Yeah, unfortunate that they took the advice and insight, that they solicited, as being negative or toxic...

  17. Just don't take a job with them in the first place. There are plenty of other stepping stone jobs that aren't Hell to stay with for an entire year.

  18. there aren't any. "stepping stone" jobs are a complete myth. Japan still has the one life, one job idea and if you spend three years doing any job it becomes your default career. The ONLY people that I have met over the years that managed to escape the fake teaching industry were on spouse visas.

  19. why should "people you've met over the years" serve as an accurate reflection of all foreigners in Japan?

  20. Do you need to take the TOIEC as a qualification for translation work, even as a native English speaker??

  21. this is the best i can do if i am translating exactly what you said with zero context

  22. yeah I'm aware that the sentences I wrote sound extremely unnatural and that nobody would ever speak like that lol, I was just trying to give OP the template of how you could use より to make comparisons without changing the meaning of what he said and going into a whole thing.

  23. They are pretty overpriced, and never lived in any of these places so I can't vouch for them, but there are share house services like Borderless house or Oak house where you can rent a room or an apartment all in English. You can also sign a shorter lease if you want to look for another place when you arrive there.

  24. Hey guys, I really want to purchase a rag and bone sweatshirt but it's final sale so I want to make sure I get the right size? I fall right between medium and large so it's always kind of a toss up for me. Can anybody tell me whether rag and bone runs small or large, or how it compares to a common brand like Champion? Thanks!

  25. Doing my first spot this week too. I'm nervous and excited, constantly going over material. The goals I'm setting for myself are to have enough material planned so I don't have dead air and to have fun through the nerves.

  26. My girlfriend is Japanese and the couple times she visited me in America she needed to do a PCR test and get a doctor's signature on it. Both times we went to a nearby urgent care like 1-2 days in advance and they were able to help us.

  27. The jobs you are looking at require zero qualifications because they are not actual teaching jobs. This work falls into two categories, either you will be a classroom assistant in a school (ALT) or you will be in a customer service/entertainment role (eikaiwa). Both are technically part time but require full time commitment.

  28. I know this doesn't really answer your question but if you're N2 you should probably just find new vocab through engaging with native material like books/shows and then making Anki flashcards out of the stuff you don't know. Or looking at N2 word lists and making flash cards out of those. I'm N3 and I find tons of new vocab that way

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