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  1. In what sense was it like 130 type questions?

  2. I’m not there right now but will my room have a puddle when I come back if so how big of you have a idea cause I haven’t got a email from them or anything

  3. Keep your head up I’ve learned failure is part of the process and it does not mean the end of the road. If you have a goal you can achieve it learn from the mistakes bounce back

  4. I still get flash backs of this course my least favourite bio course ever

  5. When I took it with Fiona Dunbar online it consisted to some end of lesson quizzes, group math Escape rooms, 3 midterms and I believe weekly quizzes all the tests where done thru crowdamrk

  6. I thought I was the only one I was very upset

  7. Health 101 you barley have to worry about it

  8. I would say the guy from Khan Academy because he’d work really hard to fix the education system and the cost of it. I feel he would also appoint very competent people in important positions.

  9. justice league the animated series/Justice league unlimited

  10. i think chem major students have to take 233, im pre sure its similar to orgo how theres 266 and 264 where chem 264 is for chem majors, i could be wrong but thats my guess.

  11. So it’s not like one is much easier then the other

  12. Keep your head up first semester is tough you’ll be able to bounce back!

  13. This man literally does gods work he’s helped thru CHEM 266 and now is helping me thru CHEM 267

  14. I really enjoyed the New 52 Batman detective comics by Tony S Daniel

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