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  1. Why was this post removed? This was posted by her on her Instagram and was not a duplicate? 😒

  2. She's so high on herself right now. It's amazing. She's completely detached herself from reality.

  3. It looks like she's wearing one of her Moonbumps.

  4. The Daily Mail should rename itself the Daily Baldwin.

  5. She "screamed and cried" all the way to that heinous, giddy Today Show appearance.

  6. Ok the gala is now over. Now we wait for Mami to get home, fire up the Facetune, edit away and post her photos from the evening.

  7. And fire up the breast pump to warp speed. Just imagine how engorged she is!

  8. Will she share this "amazingness" with us on her Instagram?

  9. Last year she actually pretended to pump in front of Jared and his mother.

  10. It's obvious that she's become so untethered from reality that with this podcast she truly thinks she's gotten her old, pre-Pepinogate life back. The insane smugness on her face shows this in every photo. She truly has created a new world for herself.

  11. She is in a really bad place right now. Worse than normal.

  12. Yes, and the absolute chaos she's creating around her reflects that. It's bad.

  13. Can someone translate that into English?

  14. Is that Today item anywhere to be seen? I haven't had the misfortune of seeing it.


  16. Who else is buying these appalling Moncler coats? Do you ever see anyone else in the wild wearing these monstrosities? Or do they just look particularly bizarre on her?

  17. So far she's only gotten 5 comments on this post from her approved sycophants. Even most of them don't seem impressed by this.

  18. Maybe Hillary's favorite Christine McVie song is Little Lies.

  19. That kind of elevator gate is illegal. Where the heck is she?

  20. I'm guessing that's the interior of the vaunted elevator at the Devonshire.

  21. She's obviously highly insecure about the prospect.

  22. I honestly believe those children should be taken away from them. They are such unfit, neglectful, absent 'parents'. That poor infant that was only dropped off to them a few months ago is already abandoned and considered boring and not worth their time. The two toddlers are depressed and delayed. None of the kids look healthy. Many of them clearly have emotional problems. The list goes on and on and on.

  23. And they will be purchasing more.

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