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Guess who just modified a 200$ 3D printer to do a 2000-10000$ histology autostainer?!

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  1. This the first phone in a long time that actually looks the part compared to its price. Samsung phones look like toys compared to this.

  2. All phones are bricks of metal and glass. Not sure how Samsung's looks like a toy to you.

  3. Colors, shape, materials, finish,...

  4. Meanwhile I'm struggling to find the motivation to play it. This is what Sony fans have been bragging about being an exclusive? ok....

  5. Well play it on Playstation in 2018 for the real experience

  6. The xperia 1 series or 5 series.

  7. Most mainstream apps work fine on tablets and many have tablet specific layouts. Not sure what your fucking problem is. Do you even own a tablet?

  8. I just hope it's not comic visuals like overwatch.

  9. The best and longest running survival games seem to be indy and not money grabbing lack luster turds from tripple A studios. I especially don't trust blizzard to not put out a turd. It shines through after the fact that they had no real passion but as to make as much money for as little effort as possible.

  10. Let your bowden tube move freely. Tightening it down could cause the filament to get stuck.

  11. As long as there are no kinks on the tube the filament won't get stuck.

  12. let me guess? It's gonna be F2P with NFTs?

  13. Bullshit headline. Prices are exactly the same here. The problem is the availabily is low and retailers can increase the prices as much as they want.

  14. Not seeing it on my Xperia 1 III. Kind of regretting installing the update...

  15. Because Android 12 is hot garbage with 0 useful features and a bunch of iPhonification going on.. "oh don't worry, we'll decide for you how you interact with your phone, dummy" is the basic message.

  16. Dunno, I installed Android 12 on my Galaxy tab S7 and it looks and feels almost identical to Android 11. Nothing is worse.

  17. It has a lot of windows but from this perspective they are hidden by the balconies.

  18. What acceleration and speed are you using?

  19. And people give AMD shit for their excellent FSR.

  20. Humble bundle are selling all the dlcs plus pc building simulator for 21.25$AU. On steam the base game is 29$AU I’m saving $70 here

  21. Steam is a rip off anyway. Avoid to buy there if possible. Their sales are fake.

  22. Steam also takes a large cut of the profits.

  23. Repulsive man. He deserves nothing for the shit he's done.

  24. So we're beliving rumors and unproven allegations now? Do you know him personally?

  25. good. the author was benefitting from their IP.

  26. In the devoloping world this may offer technology they otherwise wouldn't have had access to though, right?

  27. They have other more important problems then doing biopsies.

  28. That print head/gantry doesn't look original though.

  29. More than my PC. PS5 is more convenient and games just run without problems. I use my PC only for top down RPGs like Divinity or Diablo 3.

  30. Do you have a 2.4 already. A stock voron 2.4 with a standard v6 is pretty quick compared to most budget printers. But if your looking for speed I personally think that a high flow hot-end is the way to if your using a bondtech nozzle your still limited by the size of the heat-block the bondtech nozzles really just help close the gap a bit between the standard nozzles and high flow hotends

  31. I have an old Da Vinci right now. Looking to upgrade to something that can do what I outlined above. I'm all ears on any form of Voron build you might recommend. Really attracted to the platform. I did see that stock 2.4 is pretty freaking fast. Was just trying to get some hard numbers on the build time for this particular part to justify the purchase. I think I was looking at a 9 hour print if I just go into Cura and slice the part with Voron as the selected machine and then use the fast ABS preset. Would like to get that time down. If I change that preset to be all .8mm across the board and leave all other settings it goes to 2 hours, but I think the speed would need to be lowered.

  32. Price jump is probably cause by inflation. This year almost everything got noticeably more expensive in europe. Even many retailers are increasing their prices. For example Ikea 10-15% more expensive starting February.

  33. The S22+ is more expensive than the iPhone 13 Pro. Thats harsh.

  34. No, the iPhone 13 pro costed 1149€ at release and still does in the official Apple store. The cheapest available price is still above 1000€

  35. They already cost double the MSRP at retailers

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