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  1. Isobel Watkins from The Invasion. Richard Mace from The Visitation.

  2. Yes, but most dont sing or talk over the last min or 2 on each song

  3. Why does he do that? its not the 80's, no one tapes songs off the radio anymore.

  4. Klapvisors don't have to hang lose, its fairly simple to fit a flat spring that pushes on back of the hinge to stiffen it, any movement has to over come the spring first.

  5. If you're talking about feudal levy soldiers in western Europe, they would have typically brought anything they had access to which could readily be a weapon or easily be converted into a weapon.

  6. Retainers or at least people going abroad did tend to get issued armour, Richard II’s expedition to Ireland has him take 500 mail shirts, that's enough for a battalion.

  7. The 1181 assize of arms requires "all burgesses and the whole community of freemen shall have [each] a gambeson, an iron cap and a lance." what gives a good indication of the basic level of kit. Remember freeman are not the lowest status of individuals within society there are also unfree individuals who we have to presume where not expected to hold military equipment.

  8. The Statute of Winchester (1285) does have a poorest of the poor arms requirement, "Every man between fifteen years of age and sixty years, shall be assessed and sworn to armor according to the quantity of their lands and goods; ... and all other that may shall have bows and arrows out of the forest."

  9. I would love a massive Doctor Who watch/listen/read order for every doctor who product in existance.

  10. Presuming you meant 'worse off tenants'...

  11. Its not that the worst of tenants are poor, its that there the most antisocial and problematic with drug issues, poor mental health , crime an so on.

  12. They shouldn't be housed next to working people in social housing either, especially as there are vulnerable physically and mentally disabled people who make up a lot of people in council housing.

  13. I live near one of them its called HM Prison Nottingham.

  14. Hasn't construction technology advanced so much that we can build towers really quickly? Why don't we just build towers quickly?

  15. Because that smells of the Khrushchyovka, low-cost government-sponsored housing what are you? a commie?

  16. I as a voter want him to be dead in a ditch as he promised over the Brexit delay.

  17. All those precautions and he got COVID anyway. Almost like it’s inevitable for anyone with any social contact whatsoever.

  18. Did any one here have a any dream that they would some how avoid it?

  19. -More than 150 comparative studies and articles on mask ineffectiveness and harms:

  20. "The public was fearful, and a visual aid was needed as a comfort and to reassure that everything was being done to try to slow the spread. In effect, it worked. This can be seen by how masks have become a political tool, and how people are viewed by whether or not they wear a mask. For those who promote their widespread use, those that refuse to wear one are seen as dumb, selfish and unable to care for the well-being of others. In contrast, those that wear one are seen as heroes. Of course, neither of these are true."

  21. Yet some how the doctor aged from 943-years-old to 1000 while the companions age at most ten years, (Ace was around 16~8 at the end of survival, she skips 3 in space fleet and leave at age 26.) and Benny is 30 in love an war, she does not have any large age gaps so we can hold the doctor consent.

  22. The masters is Masterlucy, he's not one for marrying.

  23. Jesus. Why would anyone give an HOA the power to fine them?!

  24. Depending on the group there's, daggers an knifes, spears, bows, pole arms, pikes, pistols, muskets, maces, crossbow an swords.

  25. Was it? KCD has Konrad Kyeser voiced by Brian Blessed.

  26. It might be usefull to give players a short cheat sheet for combat, and a longer sheet with all there details. This has the advantage that you save space and have an easier layout, it can also separate hoarders from there piles of stuff.

  27. The maximilian german style was all about showing off the legs an small waist.

  28. I'd want it to be a band of every different continuity Ace. I want to see VNA Time Bike Ace butt heads with Pete McTighe Corporate Ace, while Season 27 Time Lord Ace tries to calm them down.

  29. I like that idea, UNIT with help from a rotating cast of companions an alternate ones.

  30. You're actually recommending Minuet in Hell?

  31. As a comedy its not too bad but try and take it straight?

  32. Growing up in England at the height of the troubles, I found it very difficult to understand what the conflict was about or even who the two sides were. Neither the history nor the current situation were covered in school, and I didn't find the news coverage to be that informative either.

  33. It's a multi sided conflict that was so confusing that one of it leading players Martin McGuinness no less, got mixed up as to which IRA they had joined.

  34. In regular stories you’d constantly be having to explain to VG what a phone was or not to step in front of cars.

  35. The 1880 where not the stone age, they had cars an phones by then.

  36. Whilst I understand this sentiment - a contemporary companion IS more accessible to general audiences - I’ve often found the implication that any other character would be too alienating to be an odd one.

  37. One advantage of an alien companion giveing us a base is that it can be destroyed or altered where as earth can't really be.

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