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  1. I have been spoiled by the ck3 shield editor and now Stellaris flags make games unplayable

  2. Reminds me of that Japanese guy yelling "I AM SEX"

  3. Good business, charging the old coots for views of their world.

  4. This should give a special modifier, that grants a boost to the economy, from FE pilgrimages

  5. I feel like I need more context here. What's Archie doing in another pokemon game?

  6. one is from the rse remakes, one is from a game where its an alternate version of the original rse games where he won

  7. But it's so much cooler to end on a guy named Romulus Augustus

  8. Looks like stollen content from Brick Experiments

  9. This feels like a high effort shitpost and I love it

  10. The CSToO has six members. Armenia (getting attacked, nobody came to aid), Belarus, Kazachstan (leaving soon), Russia (getting destroyed in Ukraine), Tajikistan (fighting Kyrgizstan), Kyrgizstan (fighting Tajikistan). Seems like it has a bright future

  11. What's going on with Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan?

  12. Not trying to start another 30 year's war, but Catholic and Orthodox churches are so much prettier than Protestant churches

  13. Ex-Orthodox here and I can assure you and anyone else who asks that the eastern church has presentation down perfectly. The churches and services and hymns are works of art. Catholics wish they could go that hard. Shame they're full of fuckheads more often than not.

  14. The legacy of Constantinople lives on, one way or another

  15. I like to think that they knew everyone was decades behind but wanted new equipment anyways cuz it looks cool

  16. The CIA definitely knew, but it would cost them political influence to convince everyone it's bs, versus letting everyone think Russia is so powerful, so the federal government can stimulate the economy with big contracts and keep the military sharp and ahead

  17. Dark and quite scene smash cut to bright and loud scene

  18. My gecko used to do this with her water dish. I just went with it, flipped it over, and buried it a little in the substrate. She seems to love digging out her hide and it's been her cool hide for 10 years now.

  19. That's why my "good guy" runs are always Fanatic Materialist

  20. Wherever they're keeping that CHONKER, it's not big enough

  21. At least they spared you the awkward situation of being the only person at the orgy, who isn't horny. DM sounds decent enough, but damn.. that's a lot of people

  22. Did those 14 players happen to be werewolves?

  23. This is neither sudden nor bi. This is gay from start to finish... not that I'm complaining..

  24. It's also not for everyone. I already got my degree, so I got nothing to prove. Being an adult is challenging enough, I don't need my media to add to it.

  25. Understand metaphor and themes in a story isn’t proving anything to anyone. It’s just about understanding a story more, giving it more depth and allowing you to appreciate it further.

  26. Did we read the same post? Because OP and the Tumblr discussion around the MCU seems to say otherwise

  27. They should appeal to a better UI. One of the worst platforms I’ve ever seen.

  28. Not everything can appeal to Apple braindeads

  29. it's impressive that Tokyo stands today as the metropolis that it is, considering it was basically razed to the ground

  30. There's a reason it became a metropolis the first time. Tokyo bay didn't stop being a great natural harbor and the Kanto plains didn't stop being the most developable land. The fact it got leveled, if anything, made room for more modern development

  31. It's so wild seeing RWJ grow and change over the years

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