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  1. im guessing too many people are trying to buy RP for the pass that has just been released, having the same problem atm

  2. he is a doubt for the world cup, so at least a month, likely more

  3. Well shit, that's arsenal and Liverpool at least he's out for right? Guess it's cancelo RB and Ake lb for a while against attacking teams

  4. liverpool game is next week, so yes most definitely, the arsenal game has been postponed and i dont think it will be played before the world cup

  5. all i can think of is that the presence of oblivion orb discourages sylas from a trade pattern that includes the heal, and that might be worthwhile to someone like jojo


  7. this keeper might have conceded 5, but he genuinely has a montage from this game, some good saves

  8. pep bringing out the 4-4-2 tonight, im in tears

  9. SUBS | Ortega Moreno, Carson, Ake, Rodrigo, De Bruyne, Akanji, Foden, Palmer, Lewis, Wilson-Esbrand

  10. this, of course means that the emergency sub rhuckz stays as the sub and the original sub bean is going home.

  11. As long as Haaland stays fit and gets the same service he's been getting, he'll have at least 5 more hat tricks this season.

  12. he has copenhagen and southampton at home this week, wonder if he will get another one

  13. I'm shocked they've actually had so many drops at worlds this year. Usually it's like maaaaybe 1 a day, lucky if it's 2

  14. let's be real, this is basically a 3-0 for DFM, that game 1 was a super troll last teamfight loss

  15. friendly reminder that sterling, in his 23 career games across 2 competitions has never scored against united.

  16. I bet 14k points on DRX. Thank me later.

  17. This thread has just turned into one Danny megacope, holy fuck.

  18. people talking about danny like he is some god that would have saved EG cleary havent seen him in playoffs

  19. EG will now have to play 2 tiebreakers for second seed i think they might be completely fucked

  20. so probably a tiebreaker game coming up later, hopefully they play like this

  21. EG dont even look that good, they make shitload of mistakes themselves

  22. this is my first time hearing ten hag speak and he sounds like he is on the verge of tears in his post game interview

  23. heres hoping now all the new injuries arent serious, we have 7 more games this month, the schedule is mad


  25. Haaland has scored a hatrick every PL game at Etihad is an insane stat.

  26. he literally didnt score a goal against bournemouth lmao

  27. I know we dominated but my good why do always take leads for granted? We still haven’t learned from the Madrid game. We need to improve

  28. these 2 goals have really soared the match for me, really lazy defending.

  29. its like the subs have had no interesting in getting back and just wanted to pile on the goals

  30. SUBS | Ortega Moreno, Carson, Dias, Laporte, Alvarez, Gomez, Mahrez, Palmer, Lewis

  31. this team literally just gets worse with each game lmao and upset and humanoid seem like the only humans on this team, hyli is just washed, this should be his meta and he is dogshit.

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