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  1. Wait are you sure that there’s no ethernet? The website says that "Each bedroom has its own Ethernet connection to the University networks". This website:

  2. I'm aware of the website's claim, but it's not true lol

  3. damn alright. Well its ok as long as it works for gaming, that was my main concern ;)

  4. I just watched Nope and was looking for a still cloud here

  5. I just watched it today and was looking for the same thing! Jean Jacket is definitely in there somewhere.

  6. I read cockroach testicle and I was taken aback by the size. I'm not kidding.

  7. For future reference, if you Found this, please link to the post by

  8. I want to add that I thought to try downloading another client and launching it, and Lunar client works. I'm able to play Java through it, but I want to fix it through the main Minecraft launcher itself.

  9. really employed some maximum effort here

  10. Lmao you idiots will say and believe anything instead of addressing the actual issue. I can't believe you actually resorted to the good ol' biden blaming for this as well, when shootings have always been a regular issue in the US. I miss the days when conspiracy theorists used to talk about aliens.

  11. Some people assume "Not all Men" is wrong because it implies the original statement was generalizing all men despite the absence of the word "All". But still, I think any statement directed at a group of people followed by an insult; can be perceived as generalizing or in many ways, downright racist depending on what is being generalized. I think how you phrase words, can have a different interpretation. Generally speaking, there makes no underline difference in many interpretations with or without the word "All" EX: "Men are Trash", "All men are Trash"; since the underline category is still being grouped, it leads it open to misinterpretation.

  12. If someone has voiced s complaint like "why are men such (whatever)" and you take that complaint to be about you personally, then you want to have a think about why that might be.

  13. Right right. Thank you for responding, that's a new perspective for me.

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