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Elon Musk says he wants 'Twitter 2.0' to have video chat, voice calls, and encrypted DMs — and has enlisted the help of Signal's founder

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The Ontario government just unilaterally forced a contract on a union, preventing them from striking despite not having negotiated. This is the union’s response.

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  1. Just don't ever nest ternaries, even a single level of nesting can be hard to read, at that point it's liability more than a convenience

  2. Including your comment. The internet is dead. It's bots all the way up

  3. I'm late to the party but you could have put a tips collection box out as a subtle gesture first. Just realised that might get stolen to but who knows.

  4. Probably thought her hair was straw. Man's angry he left little kids with a wild animal. Poor horse.

  5. Well maybe. But there’s comfortable working class with good pensions, savings, healthcare etc., and then there’s the I need two jobs to be able to afford a shared flat working class. Is dividing then that bad?

  6. Jillys being in Manchester and Krazy House being in Liverpool is probably a big factor....

  7. Very simple idea that ignores complexities.

  8. My first thought is “I wonder whether Signal’s founder is aware that he has been enlisted for this.”

  9. Don't forget that David Baddiel donned black face multiple times in the 90s -

  10. Does everyone here know that SCOTUS is getting ready to hear a case that would completely decimate all unions in the US? They are asking SCOTUS to decide if Unions, and union MEMBERS, should be held liable for business income lost in a strike. If that happens, every single union member in America should walk off their jobs, including government unions. #SHUTITDOWN

  11. What next? You leave a toxic employer and they sue you for loss of earnings and recruitment costs?

  12. I got an email from Zavvi to claim a promo card for being an early adopter.

  13. I'm a millennial, and I own a home my own home on an below average, but above minimum wage, want to know how I did it?

  14. About goddamn time we get some information freedom in the USA

  15. It being American should tell you it is just lip service or a Trojan horse for some other worse shit

  16. it was a play on how europeans often claim that the metric system is superior.

  17. I think the context is some Americans claim imperial is better than metric often using flawed logic. This post is about an American measuring in some obscure unit of measurement that doesn't really have any practical uses in day to day life and OP is inferring it is akin to the imperial system. OP is saying look Americans will measure in anything but metric as a call back to Americans that claim imperial is superior. Highlighting their bigheadedness.

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