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  1. Y’all better keep Tatis out yo fuckin’ Tweets!

  2. You’d be better off keeping mr motorcycle out those fuckin streets

  3. Dafuq? I ain’t his daddy

  4. "And the NY Rangers and the Texas Rangers usually meet up in Abilene. Lundqvist is particularly close to Yu Darvish."

  5. Bien dijo la Kimberlits Cardachan "nadie quiere trabajar"

  6. Que comentarios tan asqueroso en este hilo. Tanta misoginia tapada como acusaciones conspiradoras. Habla bien de La Niña que se plante con seguridad y confianza al difundir su mensaje positivo. Que mentiras dijo?! Cuáles?! Y que tiene que lo haya ensayado?! Así debería ser! Te preparas para cualquier discurso en todo nivel educativo. Chale, que mal estamos. Enhorabuena jovencita! Sigue difundiendo la verdad!

  7. Hey give it a chance. I got a good feeling about Cinderdive here.

  8. Tomorrow, we burn the corruption out of the Leviathan.

  9. The 🔥team: “READY TO ROAST”

  10. As a teen, this is how rad “Ol’ Hells Bells” was when he took the mound. Just“Lights Out”, straight up.

  11. "Jesus is not licensed to practice in the state of Kentucky."

  12. Evangelicals in the state: REEEEEEEE

  13. Only five more years to go my fellow chivashermanos.

  14. but when it happens, it will be glorious!

  15. Si, ahuevo—todo en balance, cómo debe ser.

  16. 🎶En dónde están? En dónde están? Esas Águilas que según llegarían a la final? 🎶

  17. Bruno Valdes salty as a MF 🤣

  18. we DIDN’T let ‘em off the hook!

  19. Pitchers can hit other pitchers, it’s cool. Jake’s a Pitcher, too!

  20. Ace Pitching by Luis Gonzalez

  21. And there aren’t any good restaurants around the area

  22. …and the food delivery apps say "drivers unavailable in your area."

  23. Pls, this needs a NSFW tag. It’s a family subreddit

  24. Haha the dude was like bruh I don’t wanna die please stop

  25. Peak “when your girl picks fights and you just want to watch the game” energy

  26. I never want to see the spanos family holding a Lombardi trophy and justifying leaving SD, Fuck the Chargers

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