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  1. Watching comedy is actually a great suggestion I saw in another comment. I’ve been listening to this specific comedian for the past 2 years now and tbh he’s probably the sole reason I’m not genuinely deeply depressed. His biweekly podcasts and old episodes keep me sane 100% serious.

  2. Can you share the name of comedian please?

  3. is there any way for me to use my steam save files in the cracked version?

  4. Yep, you can use them, just copy the. sav files from %LOCALAPPDATA%\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\SaveGames to the location from the OP topic. I just did it and the saves from steam work fine for me

  5. This hilarious considering that she recently said in her telegram that she would never ban anyone and no one should be censored

  6. There is a link on cs rin ru (go to forums >> hogwarts legacy)

  7. He is objectively weaker then the game Joel. His knees get sore quicker and he can barely hear out of one ear for example. And game Joel can survive a lot more like a metal rod impaling him on the other example. Not arguing they are bad changes. But yes the character was nerfed

  8. Yeah, also ingame Joel can hear through walls, I mean could they make tv Joel even more pathetic /s

  9. Trauma manifests differently for different people. It's not my take on whether someone is a-hole in op post. For me personally: my dad was murdered in his car (shot), I can't be near firearms and definitely cannot hold one. I couldn't be in the car if all doors were not locked for a very long time. I mean I'm happy for you that such stuff doesn't affect you in the same way. But it does not mean it cannot happen.

  10. I'm here to downvote everyone who said no

  11. Did you try put different trophies in stucks of four at the same time? I'm kinda curious if there is an easy way to get most of coals from it

  12. If she would always picked her man the same age (early 20s), yes absolutely. It's equally fucked up.

  13. Stop using excuses. Pretty sure that homophobes gave up on the game from the trailers, they wouldn't rush to every page on this game just to downgrade, believe that they simply don't care. The "Joel died" haters don't consider it the worst game of all time just because of one scene, not even in the wave of hate. And politics have to do more with the people who rate this game 10/10 rather than 0/10.

  14. Except the rating 63% here is not because people gave it 6/10 because they thought the game deserves it (genuinely) but because of bunch of salty "gamers" gave it 1/10, just look at rating of third episode

  15. Beat stealth shooter gameplay out there? I mean to each their own but I completely disagree with you on that one. TLOU2 has basically the same core gameplay as the first one and even in 2013 the combat was nothing groundbreaking.

  16. Please share the name of best stealth shooter game, I would love to play something that's even better, sincerely

  17. There is some grass outside, you should definitely touch it.

  18. Well, I subscribed because of it, so here is that

  19. Do you mean that there may be some kind of connection between them?

  20. Do people not carry mats for a portal when exploring? Keep a set on my boat and on my person. When I make landfall on an unexplored coastline I set up my boat portal and link it with my dedicated “boat” portal back at my base. I also keep a blank open at my base for when I need to deliver raw mats from the field to the base, or make a quick escape. Having a quick way back really cuts down on the frustration of an unexpected death

  21. Portals for weak, I just always have 5 stones with me and some wood

  22. There is a great fanfiction with the same plot twist Hell or high water by Mottlemoth

  23. I totally forgot about harpoon, is it any help fighting gjall?

  24. Makes raw fish easier to gather in the early game. Cooked fish is an upgrade to deer meat, and has only slightly less stats and time than Minced Meat Sauce and Deer Stew. It also makes fish wraps a less time-consuming food to acquire once you get barley. I'm sure we'll get more fish recipes with the two remaining biomes.

  25. I think it would make sense to introduce fishing rod as craftable item, at least after elder, since not everyone so lucky to find trader in their world in early game (or at all)

  26. Ashlands is not the final biome. Ashlands will be the next big update after Mistlands, so final biome will be either Deep North or (unlikely) something in Ocean

  27. Do you know where the info about next update being ashlands came from?

  28. They are glowing purple and are on pedestals, kinda like surtling cores.

  29. I think the mines that I saw didn't have cores then

  30. The infested mine is a new zone, kind of like swamp crypts, where you enter it and see it's randomly generated layout. The exterior is often similar to abandoned dvergr towers, and there will be seekers in them. There also doors in the sides of some large jagged boulders that lead to the same dungeon type. There isn't really anything to mine in these, but you'll encounter pickaxes here and there. These are completely different from the dvergr dig sites where you can mine the petrified bones. Dvergr dig sites have crates and boxes, and do not have black cores.

  31. Oh, I thought mines are different from dungeons, I was already in dungeon, but also saw like a mining site in game (fence around hole and hook above, some crates lying around) I honestly thought it was mine, and dungeon was some type of old crypt

  32. Aside from rune stones, I don't think so

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