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  1. Somebody take this man’s drill away.

  2. Cool project. Just note you’re introducing sample bias by posting on this sub ;)

  3. Man…I’ve been combing marketplace in my area for months now. Nothing but crap.

  4. Same. People sell 10 year old stuff basically same price as new if it’s name brand. I’m pissed.

  5. These seem awesome. The only thing holding me back is the color. All my other speakers are gloss black!

  6. Yes the black are $495 each, pretty much regular price and these are now on back order.

  7. I saw something online about these potentially getting discontinued??

  8. I love lane splitting, but lane splitting for this long sometimes felt exhausting. My mind went on overdrive knowing I was even more invisible.

  9. No judgement, but why do you prefer to have the speakers straight out and not toe them in? Thanks!

  10. I toyed with that a little. I’m in a pretty big space, and the sweet spot is very shareable like this. I didn’t notice any marked improvement with toe in, other than to make the preferred spot smaller.

  11. Cool. Thanks for your input!

  12. Hot take. I used to where normal earplugs to concerts. I started wearing the new Apple AirPods instead. They limit noise exposure and still pass through sound. While definitely not as good as musician earplugs, they beat normal earplugs from CVS. It’s easier for me to remember my AirPods anyways than my earplugs.

  13. Does the setup mic actually work? I just manually did it because I didn’t trust the mic.

  14. It’s actually a Pioneer VSX-80. They call it MCACC. The manual is pretty thorough about some basic guiding points.

  15. When I’d surf out here, some days the layer on the water was so bad it wasn’t worth going out. The smell is sometimes constant and you can always see the natural gas bubbles. Pretty cool!

  16. When we were shopping for cars, we looked at the Porsche SUVs. We actually really disliked the interior. Seats felt stiff and cockpit was cluttered. Went with a nice BMW X5 45e instead for the interior. The Porsche drove great though.

  17. I've always been of the opinion that BMW interiors are incredibly drab and feel more akin to a funeral home than anything else.

  18. Hahahaha okay fair. I’d say one of my favorite things about the interior is how many seat settings there are. Never had a car with that many seat settings. From a comfort perspective, it went above and beyond. But then again our other car is a Model 3 so there is a lot to be desired comfort wise.

  19. I feel that. Currently wanting a bigger desk as well.

  20. Are you planning on getting one anytime soon or is that more a "hopefully one day" kind of situation? :)

  21. Getting one soon. Moving to a bigger place so I get a bigger room. I started with one monitor, then put my pc on my desk, then a second monitor, and suddenly my speakers have no room haha!

  22. Why is everyone calling these speakers bad?? I just got the ES 15 a week ago and haven’t hooked them up yet. I thought they were good with the research I did.

  23. Kind of a weird question. What speaker stands do you use? I have a hard time finding affordable speaker stands that reach ear level.

  24. I'm not sure what brand or anything to be honest. I bought them off someone on OfferUp for $40. But yes, I like the way they are exactly ear level when sitting down. I believe they are 36 inches from floor to top

  25. Thanks for the info and the height. I like your setup.

  26. Can you believe these were cheaper than more beat up ones?? I was shooketh.

  27. How much was it? I recently saw some for 500 dollars and I thought that was inane but idk.

  28. I remember I was impressed by Tesla when they demonstrate the insane acceleration of their Model S and 3. After I learned that they won't allow the sale of spare parts and third party repairs, they sorta kill off any desire from my part to get a Tesla.

  29. Nah. You can buy spare parts from them.


  31. Did you do all that yourself?? Impressive nonetheless!

  32. If you watch videos on the left screen, does the music seem "weird" cuz your speakers are more facing you in the front?

  33. HAHAHA I don’t notice. You know, the one thing I dislike about the setup is the speaker placement. I can’t find a good place to put them, I’m out of space. I did a lot of research about how wrong my speaker placement is, but at the end of the day the difference is minimal. Anyways, I watch videos on the center screen.

  34. Yup. Two 27 inch 2k 170 hz monitors.

  35. So freaking cute. I’d get scared of the cat hair getting in the pc.

  36. This was a super helpful comment. I hadn't thought of directly plugging the ps5 into the TV. The only difference is that my TV does not pass through all the channels using LPCM, so I have to use Dolby Digital instead. I do not yet know the implications of using this, but for now I have HDR! I will stick with what I have. Thank you for your help!

  37. When a lot of data is stored in cdm format, power bi is just too slow to connect to data lake. You can also look into using cdmutil to create views in synapse and connect power bi to synapse. Inexpensive and while not as easy as this article, not too difficult either.

  38. Anyone ever experienced this? Only happens to one monitor. Only affects the power bi app, I can see the taskbar does not flicker, and it has not affected other apps. As I continue to move my mouse, the power bi app flickers black and I have to move it over to another monitor to use.

  39. I had this happen to me today as well. I thought it was because I had multiple PBI files open. When I closed them all and reopened those files, it didn't happen again.

  40. Super weird and mildly frustrating. I did get it to go away after all day of trying. My solution was unplugging my display cables a few times and plugging them back in.

  41. When me and my friend went we were the only non indian folks there. Constant stream of folks picking up food. Really good, tiny spot.

  42. I will always remember one time I was there, it was all Indian people. This white girl walked in kinda nervous. She looked around, left, and walked to the restaurant next door. I burst out laughing. I assume she felt out of place. I get it, I can tell some of my friends get uncomfortable being the only non Indian people there as well. Best Indian food I’ve tried in St. Louis fosho.

  43. I actually used these guys in the past to install a car charger. They charged me half as much as anyone else I talked to, which was still a lot but necessary. I liked all the hard work they did, but they left our backyard in shambles. They did warn us before hand though that would happen, I just didn’t think it would be that bad. A year later, I think they were a good company to work with.

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