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  1. Agree. Stay productive! Once I started working out regularly and cleaned my room, it got much easier. If you just lie in bed and so nothing, it is really hard. If you go out with friends, or alone for a walk, or workout or whatever it is easier. Don’t ever say something: „I will just take a peek.“ You won’t. You will relapse. Instead go to this subreddit to renew your motivation. Also, stay away from social media and other triggers! It is not only about being horny, but mostly about feeling lonely and sad, always remember that. If you go outside and do sports and read instead of lying around all day, you WILL feel better!

  2. Only way to win is to consider peeking looking at porn as a relapse in and of itself. As soon as you allow yourself to look up and browse porn, you’ve already lost. Don’t cheat yourself.

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