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  1. and they're probably not even giving you nitrogen.

  2. if it takes one second to pick up a penny and your job pays less than 36 dollars per hour, you're a fool not to pick up a penny off the ground.

  3. well there is a minorty of which i am a part of who does hold that the trigger man is materially responsible fot such a negligent discharge. he's doing his best to avoid being indicted for manslaughter.

  4. Any war movie where people think the point is to glorify war. Looking at you Apocalypse Now

  5. well if anti-war movies are so often misinterpreted as pro-war movies by their audiences, then i think fault ought to fall on the filmmakers who insist on going ahead so blissfully ignorant of the messages that they so spectacularly fail to communicate.

  6. Have you ever seen Platoon? There's no mistaking it's an anti-war movie, even though the action in it is visceral and bloody and exhilarating.

  7. yea but it doesn't matter what i think, it's the guy who is considering enlisting whose opinion that matters.

  8. More miles gives your more time allowance.

  9. signatures at residential stops add like 90 seconds, so if they're right there ask for it.

  10. the director just wants all the 14 year old girls

  11. Almost impossible to go 37 years in the market and still be down 10% of your portfolio while holding stocks. This makes no sense.

  12. i think this person is down 50k from ATH which wouldn't be unrealized losses.

  13. about half the time i nod along and in my head i'm just saying "go fuck yourself". the other half i punish them for it pushing back on everything they say and going off on jags with way too much information not letting them get through their laundry list of issues, they thought it was going to take 90 seconds to correct me on these issues, WRONG, it's going to take 15 minutes.

  14. the legitimate parts of the field already exist as practiced by massage therapists, which are employed profusely throughout the medical system. and most reputable hospitals proactively screen out chiropractors or anyone who is into it because it's really detrimental to have them there inserting their false expertise into patients' treatment or failing to report medical issues they discover to the physicians.

  15. ballston local has geekswhodrink (which is my favorite bar trivia game) mondays and wednesdays

  16. just find someone who's been working there a while and ask who the steward is. another way they can be identified sometimes is they'll be wearing or carrying union swag. like a bookbag with a teamsters' patch or they'll have the logo stenciled on their safety vest, or a together we bargain, alone we beg tshirt or ball cap.

  17. You know, Jehovah's Witnesses believe in smurfs. I know you're thinking the fuck you mean they believe in smurfs? Just google "jehovah's witnesses believe in smurfs"

  18. Some Mormon girls came to my doorstep in college and asked if I wanted to learn more about it. I was like, “Hell yeah, sounds interesting.” The next few months were an absolute trip. I went to church on Sundays and hung out with them, and there were game nights and dancing lessons, and also lots of meetings where I was hit with some hardcore Mormon idea stuff. They were super pushy about me getting baptized, and I was finally like, “Yo, this has been an absolute blast, and I’ve learned a lot about your beliefs, but I don’t think I’m really cut out for this.” They had a little intervention for me, and the missionary girls cried, but I ultimate had to give them a firm no. None of them ever spoke to me again.

  19. if a sweet mormon girl starting crying in front of me, i'd probably let her baptize me.

  20. you can probably scratch your nose while wearing it.

  21. plot twist: black guy was a legit satanist, offended at the guy for pretending satan was real.

  22. diesel is a little hard to light but it will on a wick which a piece of firewood would work as.

  23. i think some on this list, they're on it not because their first movie was so great but because their subsequent movies were just worse.

  24. This will get lotsa downvotes, I know, but I think in a lot of ways The Duelists is Ridley Scott's best film, closely followed by Blade Runner.

  25. i thought it was his best up until The Last Duel.

  26. so he wants to pander to the tinfoil hat crowd? this is like saying we should keep globes out of classrooms because the flat earthers will think it's a conspiracy to indoctrinate children.

  27. The major issue I see here in Yang’s and others thinking is that they are forming opinions based on obviously incomplete information.

  28. we also may never know if there was a breach that the FBI had no indication of at all. maralago is a just fucking hotel, anyone could've seen and photographed that stuff in the past nineteen months.

  29. you are union. everyone who works at UPS is a party to the contract.

  30. As long as you are working efficiently and aren't intentionally dragging your feet, you'll be fine. The type of route (heavy business, lots of apartments w/ no locker, county, all residential), load quality, weather and the fact you are a new driver will affect your stop count. With time you'll get better.

  31. though that doesn't mean you won't get harassed. i'd say the management team that lets it go when you work efficiently but at the same time it doesn't get counted as efficient work is the oddity. some will try to rearrange the routes so that it distributes that work that looks bad over several drivers even if doing that is a net negative in efficiency, but others will simply lean on the drivers to do whatever it takes to make their numbers, to either work through lunch or take bad shortcuts or falsify the delivery record. It behooves you to prepare to defend yourself, psychologically and practically.

  32. 401ks have greater legal privileges like if you're sued or go bankrupt than IRAs do.

  33. i guess you never lived in new york city. those guys are fucking assholes

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