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  1. It’s just wacky comic book fun, there’s nothing else to it. I love that zdarsky is bringing out the ridiculous side of Batman while also still taking the story very seriously. I’ll keep reading if zdarsky keeps writting

  2. You must not know too much about Batman then, I wouldn’t say this story even breaks the top 30 of best Batman stories across all mediums

  3. The book of cameos and din Djarin had everything but the bad ass boba fett we were promised in mando season 2. Homeboy took down like 10 storm trooper with a fucking stick in mando season 2 but can’t fight off a couple body guards with shields in BOBF ep 1.

  4. You're misunderstanding the series. There was 52, then the New 52, and then the all-new, all-different 52 which we never got to see because Kevin Feige beat up Jim Lee in a movie theater parking lot and took the rights

  5. What does this have to do with Dan Slott and Kevin smith though

  6. It’s just a toy variant, it doesn’t appear in curse of the white knight to my knowledge, I haven’t read it in a while.

  7. I really never buy a figure of a character I know little of. I like to know what I’m buying. I don’t want my collection to be full of characters I don’t care about

  8. L post. Having to like everything Star Wars because I like Star Wars is cringe. Fans aren’t the problem, it’s the rushed BS that Disney is pumping out (with little diamonds in the rough)

  9. My buddy has been looking for scorpion for a while, just let him know, thanks!

  10. On kilmers, remove the nipples and make the belt the same color as the oval around the logo and you got yourself a decent suit

  11. Endgame (if he actually died). Joker and Batman both die fighting each other.

  12. I love it, also capullos redesign of the first appearance suit is amazing

  13. I saw it opening day when I was 10, back then it was one of my favorite movies ever, I have fond memories of it. Now, well we all know how the movie is

  14. Haha Gotham knights bad give me upvotes

  15. They’re just piling on the controversy for clout, I highly doubt this is real

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