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  1. Dad can I have 4625 credits so I can buy a Bubbles costume

  2. yooo i’m in grand haven! i’ll have to try one out 🙏

  3. What was your technique for that cliff in the back? It looks great!

  4. glued two pieces of xps foam together to add height, then carved pieces out using a blade!

  5. the video had shitty music overlayed on it so i muted it

  6. yeah it’s best to have all the prerecorded tasks filmed before you edit the title sequence, so you can get the best bits in.

  7. i made a brown wash by mixing water and brown acrylic paint together, and painted it onto the planks (popsicle sticks)

  8. Either really. Ever heard of people blacking out by hanging upside down?

  9. i watched both of them haha. i love the solo tasks you gave with the counting papers and hole punches 🤣

  10. Looking good! What did you use for the grass?

  11. thank you! i used woodland scenics’ blended turf :)

  12. i’m a flip if that’s okay!! my discord is vinewhip#2875 :3

  13. Do y'all wanna go out with me?

  14. Anytime, anywhere. Also right here, right now

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