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  1. i dont think it hurts to ask. at this point they’re not even teaching you so them finding you rude (which i don’t think they will) will not hurt in any way imo. plus i think they’ll really appreciate someone reaching out rather than take it negatively at all

  2. if it’s on campus housing in the winter term then you can go higher than the rent price imo. depending on the unit, anywhere from $100-400 i think. i got offers for $1700 for my brock studio (original rent $1300 - also the price i listed for).

  3. majors dont matter as much as we tend to think they do (from a job applications perspective). i used to think that my psychology major was preventing me from getting jobs. i spoke to my university’s internship program advisors and they said it’s not that important if your major doesnt match.

  4. I have virtually no customer service experience and got in, I don’t think it’s very hard. Probably depends a lot on how many previous RAs are returning to their role.

  5. i didn’t know any of the artists lol but it was still a ton of fun! if you’re going with friends it’s so nice

  6. No we actually don’t. As long as we get into a big 4 we don’t care. Any other choice is usually just to by time till we transfer to a Big 4 if unsuccessful initially.

  7. I agree with this that once you get one the rest don’t really matter, but in hindsight (now) I do think about if it’s prestigious. I’m joining Deloitte on a co-op, and I heard rumours that they take about anyone. That diminished how I viewed my acceptance slightly and I look into prestige to see if it is even a big deal.

  8. i feel like rich international students don’t do as many “spoiled kid” things as everyone thinks they do 💀

  9. I overheard 2 people in the elevator on how they spent their $3000 “allowance” and was complaining that his dad needed to send him more and that wasn’t even including the fact his friend (who also had $3000) gave/paid for around $1500 of his expenses - this was in October btw

  10. sure but im not sure how that connects to them paying for their own internships? maybe they are capable to actually apply and get through? despite the thousands they are spending

  11. the front desk will also be closed for the holidays. I advise against ordering anything that arrives before 8th Jan

  12. i think it goes to a different front desk (for vanier it was ponderosa) but i’m not sure what after that

  13. Friday 6:20 pm (on that note if anyone is in the same flight, lets get connected cus it would be great to have company in case of delays: Air Canada Vancouver to London - AC 860)

  14. hii what time were you planning to leave to the airport? we aren’t on the same flight unfortunately but i have a flight saturday morning and was planning to leave sometime friday and just stay the night at the airport

  15. I think I’ll leave around 2 pm, I’m down to carpool if that isn’t too early for you!

  16. I have Doc Martens and I love them. im from a no snow country tho so i haven’t tried anything else for comparison

  17. i’m not sure about what to do with the bag when going out for the day or even just going to the washroom. i don’t want to leave it out in case someone just takes it, even if i store my valuables in the locker. is the locker generally big enough for a backpack and i leave a suitcase is the luggage storage if that’s possible?

  18. We haven't typically allowed students with a 5 in IB SL MATH to take MATH 110. You can always submit a request to review this when you go to register next summer, but exceptions are rare.

  19. I see, thank you so much! On that note, would you have any recommendations on textbooks or resources I could use to start practicing a bit to have the necessary preliminary knowledge?

  20. We have a free pre-calculus review course in Canvas. You should contact the Mathematics Department to request enrolment in it.


  22. also looking for one if anyone knows somewhere to buy/get from!

  23. "Aggressively" implies hostility, anger, belligerence, and even a threat of attack. Hardly unemotional.

  24. breaking my reddit anonymity to say my name is also nandini and my last initial is also s!

  25. could the final grade get scaled? maybe if the entire class does really well they may scale grades down. in that case it could be a good idea to have points as high as possible. also, if you are checking Canvas it could be possible that that’s not fully updated.

  26. Oh, oh no. Best of luck to you though

  27. it has like no stationery and some that I found have some problem with them

  28. that’s your best bet unless you want to ask someone coming from an international trip

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