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[Serious] What's a scary science fact that the public knows nothing about?

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  1. Not as bad as I was warned, I opted not to be put out so they just made my mouth numb. Yes I could hear cracking etc as they were being removed but felt nothing. Was a bit sore later was prescribed Tylenol 5 and was fine in a day or so.

  2. If it makes you feel better for all the obscure things you might be requesting through ILL, your library system is lending out its own things that might be obscure others are requesting in other places. It's all about resource sharing. It balances out in the end.

  3. Exactly yup, second and third class also could dine in one of the restaurants and pay per meal :)

  4. I’m skeptical. I think the concern for third class passengers was the diseases, lice etc that they may carry was a strong incentive to keep them separate. This may been true second class passengers could pay for some first class services but I doubt third class had access at all even if they were willing to front the money.

  5. I’m not sure what the video cites as a source for their data but I’ve posted the link in case anyone wants to explore the validity of the info in the video

  6. I’ll take a look. I believe you that the video says it I just know the reasons I mentioned are why it was important they didn’t mix 3rd class with the upper.

  7. My grandmother was once a hostess at this Bob Evans

  8. Most old Publix locations including this one had wings in the front. The ones for this building were removed probably on the late 70s

  9. Not in South Florida, I've never seen a freestanding one either.

  10. I once read somewhere that sleeping is actually our natural state we only wake up to be able to eat, seek shelter,etc to do stuff to keep us alive.

  11. Sim City….the 1989 original

  12. ishkurs guide to electronic music

  13. I was going to say Foodtown. You may also want to check Presidente Markets.

  14. I remember hearing that Robert Trailins (a writer who researched Beyond Belief stories including the closet episode) was once sued because a non-fiction book he wrote was said to be false. But, in surprising twist, he won the case as he had evidence to back up his claims.

  15. he "was" and interesting guy...he's dead.

  16. Yeah the veracity of the claims are very sketchy. The most famous episode is the one with the boy going into a closet and disappearing. Obviously people approached the show for proof that was true and the researcher claimed it was something he heard as a kid, that the kid climbed into the roof then somehow got out of the house and ran away from home. There's so much wrong with that. 1. The "truths" shouldn't be based on what you heard as a kid, i heard all sorts of crazy bullshit as a kid i'm not going to go around claiming it was all true. 2. So we are supposed to believe this was an elaborate plan by a child to run away from home? 3. Even if it is true that's incredibly misleading, the show clearly implies he disappeared and went to a different dimension or something. The whole premise is that something bad happens to you if you go into the closet and the only reason the kid went in was because the other kids were saying he was scared, it doesn't make sense as a plan of escape and there's nothing about the episode that suggests the kid was trying to escape.

  17. the Kid in the closet was based on a true story but the boy had managed to escape the closet and was found at a friends house some days later. Took place in Fort Lauderdale area in late 1980s.

  18. I personally don’t know of a single community college that does this unless it’s a joint use library. It is not common in my state at least. (Been in academic libraries 24 years)

  19. All here in Florida do

  20. I'm in Florida and no, we do not. We let people browse the collection but not check out.

  21. Ive never encountered a community college in Florida that does not allow that. between FALSC and the multi type library cooperatives I cannot see how that would be the case...because even if one directly cant do that usually there are some kind of reciprocal agreements through those organizations that allow it. You must be at a rural school.

  22. I hear you. I have similar issues. A lot of this I attribute with that many public libraries are government entities. We cant just simply fire people that are's a long drawn out process...and the victims of some of these problematic people often dont understand from a managerial perspective what we can and cannot do to address something. At the end of the day I find that my most difficult people tend to be those who have been there that dealt with past managers and seem resistant to change. In the end I have had people resign, retire, bit by bit the new is outweighing the old....and the old will self distruct since in the end if issues I see continue to be zeroed in on them...I move forward with whatever I can to make sure that they are properly addressed.

  23. wow that is it! I love this group. Always can count on for identifying.

  24. Have to agree with psychic. He is in water. Remember a couple years ago when another local missing man found in community lake by person looking at google earth. I feel same outcome here

  25. Such a long time though. Usually cars and people surface. He would not have passed over any water to get back to his motel.

  26. Can anyone tell me if this was the Ho Jo's at 1901 Okachobee circa 1979?

  27. No this isn’t it. This is the one by the lake worth bridge. There are no pictures of the one on okeechobee

  28. That’s certainly a terrible way to go but not uncommon here. They recently found a car in a lake with the person still inside after 25 years missing.

  29. Yes in the 90s the Howard Johnson was demolished for Circuit City and is now El Dorado Furniture store. Before 1995 it was a Howard Johnson and a Waffle House.

  30. The largest gay bar here is HG Roosters but it is currently being renovated after a fire and should reopen later this year. There are some good gay coffee shops like the Haus lounge in lake worth. There are two smaller gay bars Mad Hatter and Penny’s the latter which has been doing the roosters drag shows on Saturday nights. There is a Facebook group called palm beach gays or something you can follow. The compass community center is our local lgbt center I suggest you look at their website for different social groups. They do monthly mixers at different lgbt friendly businesses each month they are just starting back up. June 5 is the pride market (usually our pride is in March but moved around this year because of covid). Message me if you have questions. Happy to help. I’m 33 and grew up here

  31. H.G. Roosters is now on the West Palm Beach Register of Historic Places.

  32. Contact the Wolfson archives in Miami. They have WSVN archives.

  33. If I am essential enough as a county library employee to be activated for hurricane shelter duty, than I am essential enough to get a vaccine. enough said.

  34. I guess so but the teacher at this point could never give that person a good grade because they would be suspected immediately even if it was legit

  35. and for whatever reason it looks like he Is in front of a green screen...why would they do that?

  36. This is such a strange place. The fountains in the center are the real picture worthy thing here. There was an excellent tandoori place in this mall many years ago.

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