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  1. This is incredibly stupid. College basketball is incredibly terrible at determining the best team in the country. Nobody hangs a banner except maybe auburn fans for having the best team on paper, but to pretend that San Diego state beats Alabama more than 50% of the time is stupid

  2. The upwelling of hope in “Time,” this segment of the score, is a brilliant touch by Hans Zimmer.

  3. Congratulations on your pass!

  4. Mal is French for “bad.” One line in “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien,” even uses the word “Mal” in reference to “bad things” the singer has done, that she does not regret. “Mal” has similar connotations in Spanish and English, because of its Latin root. “Mal” can also be a nickname and be short for the female French name “Mallory” which can also be spelled “Mallorie.” And Mallory in French means “unfortunate.”

  5. This diagram of a recursively layered story from GEB

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  7. Yeah. This sub is poorly moderated. There are rules in place that you have to say what Dave would do, and if you're not you need to make it clear that it is going against his advice, but noone follows these rules because the moderators don't do anything about it.

  8. You can help by reporting posts and comments that violate the sub rules.

  9. fLaMe mE aLl YoU WaNt FoR bEiNg PrOUd oF mY sChOoL

  10. I really think this is a win-win for both schools.

  11. You made this very clear. Thank you. If it's not to much to ask, how and why are people at odds with this view point? What makes this so "controversial"?

  12. The list above presupposes a physical thousand-year kingdom, which

  13. It’s just frustrating because prominent media will go out of there way to hard pump up a team that has not provided the necessary results over the full course of the season to be in the playoff. Whether it’s to simp for a blue blood and/or create drama for ratings.

  14. It ain’t that orange that you can sit with

  15. Feels the line should be bigger in our game, but I’ll take it

  16. Seems like a lot of value in both.

  17. Bama fans don’t want to count regular season losses or bowl losses. So pathetic. Saban going on air last night bitching and contradicting himself in the past was hilarious.

  18. Bama didn’t win when it mattered. I hope it motivates the team in the offseason.

  19. Then what's the point of head to head wins? South Carolina beat us and took our Heisman candidate QB doing so. The next week, we goosed Vandy. We can argue Tennessee had a bad week and is still a competent team and is deserving of a playoff spot... Because by putting Alabama in, the same argument is essentially being made for them to some extent.

  20. I’ll start out by saying Bama doesn’t deserve a shot this year.

  21. No one that works there is actually from Alabama.

  22. Tell us you’ve never been to Huntsville without saying you’ve never been to Huntsville.

  23. i've evolved quite a bit on this issue. Starting to think student loans shouldn't be a thing. I would like to see market forces bring the cost down to make it more affordable. I really just want to see all have the same access and opportunities. A person should not be denied a future based on who their parents are

  24. An important step in that direction is making student debt bankruptable again.

  25. A few tried at legion field in 1990. After snapping a four game losing streak to Auburn. Gene Stallings first year. Security was brutal on them.

  26. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  27. These are super solid points. Gives me a lot of food for thought. I feel like I’ve been prioritizing the whole compounding returns idea over the down payment and maybe I need to turn up the spigot on that (and chill a little on the retirement thing). Thank you!

  28. You’re an investment banker, so you understand the numbers better than most, unlike this navel gazing so-called economist. Similar to my other comment, dig in on Rule 2. Perhaps you can both fully fund your retirement and increase your down payment goal.

  29. That retirement savings article is really interesting. But it seems to assume everyone wants to work a predefined amount of time and retire at the same point in their lives. It seems like it totally ignores the very real desire some people might have of not needing to work a day more than necessary in their life, aka retiring early. By saving as much as you can from the outset, you could reach the desired level of QOL in retirement much sooner for much longer.

  30. The author is likely a Keynesian. They have two serious flaws: bias against saving and propensity to build unrealistic models from which they draw conclusions irrelevant to the real world. The assumption that interest rates will remain near zero in perpetuity is driving by staring in the rear view mirror. This study is harmful, irresponsible garbage.

  31. Historical note: the song was a single by the band Alabama that formed in Fort Payne, in the northeast corner of the state near the Alabama-Tennessee border.

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