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  1. That's so sweet! It feels really great when kids like you because you know that they're so honest and genuine about it. If a kid doesn't like you you'd know haha.

  2. One of my favorite moments this year was when I was sitting down on the rock wall that goes around this tree, next to this little girl.

  3. Never did I mention having Asperger's, that's quite a big conclusion to jump to here.

  4. Well, yeah, but I don't blame it for the reason why I don't understand things.

  5. And where is this ? I'm Canadian they sound fairly similar but there's alot on there especially the 1 lb of weed you can get 5-10...that's soms real bullshit. In my dwelling I could have 10000 pounds as long as it isn't "packaged for sale" so basically put in custom packaging

  6. Shit my bad, I mistyped it. Class C felonies are 1-5 years, class B is 5-10. Just edited it in.

  7. Fair. Very nice and comprehensive list. But I'd be pissed if I got 5 years for a pound

  8. Yeah, that's the maximum sentence that they give to people they suspect of trafficking, but don't have enough evidence to charge for trafficking.

  9. Sounds like you barely dated her. It also sounds destined to fail anyway. (cold comfort, but anyway)

  10. Because it is a cash crop that threatens to undercut cotton , cooking oils, industrial oils (for lubricants), paper fiber, and countless food crops

  11. That's the literal answer to the question you asked. This is the reason it was scheduled, to protect the timber industry. Family guy even did an episode on it

  12. No, my question is why is it classified as a schedule I substance, but also listed as a detrimental drug?


  14. Xanax can't kill you on it's own. The blackout state is dangerous because you can harm yourself but the drug itself can't kill you.

  15. That's not a drug, that's a lethal weapon.

  16. No it's not lol they use it at the hospital.

  17. How TF is the hospital able to safely use it if a tiny grain of it can kill you? Is it cut with a ton of stuff, or do they just always keep an emergency narcan stash in all the rooms?

  18. I think we are already seeing with global warming that Pepa has been hitting the bottle pretty hard 😶‍🌫️

  19. I thought GOOD moods were supposed to bring out sunshine, wouldn't the bottle leave her angry and depressed?

  20. It was pretty good. I liked it okay, but it didn't really feel special to me.

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