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  1. mandatory share exp in the newer pokemon games.. WTF?? why are we mandatory?

  2. : take out wild Pidgey with one hit :

  3. The subtle joke here is that it took becoming a doctor to be able to afford this hobby!

  4. Wow dang…only 12 hours? Kinda happy I didn’t get it

  5. Hell I couldn't be happier to hear that a Square RPG is shorter (it's around ~22 hours with all the subquests from what I've read). Like thread OP said, I'm working or taking care of a toddler, I don't have 88 hours to play a single damn game. 20-30 hours is my max. This may have even sold me on it.

  6. That makes sense. To me the demo was too boring so I wasn’t interested to begin with. Honestly I have enough jrpgs waiting for me anyway

  7. It’s downright nutty how many jrpgs are coming out by square enix alone. And if you don’t have a lot of time to play, you really need to prioritize. I’ll be honest it gets a little bit stressful. When you hear about four or five games, you want to play, knowing you can realistically only play maybe one. If they were mostly in the 20-30 hour range it’d be fine but it seems these behemoth play times are what the kids want.

  8. $30 for the whole series, exclusively on his website.

  9. Damn that was a long one! Nice work man :)

  10. You mean, aside from the world crumbling apart into a fine dust?

  11. That’s awesome! I really like the collections that are small and personal, that means you’re very particular when you buy new throws. Making your collection yours and not just 95 yo-yos!

  12. I got bored one day and started looking through the records of businesses in Vegas that got Covid $$ and found some things that were mind blowing the most ridiculous one was when researching a business I searched the phone number and it came back to a hooker's ad online matching the name of the "company" that applied and got like 30k. I cannot fathom the levels of fuckery that have gone on with that money from all directions.

  13. Yup. Say, maybe the government shouldn’t be sending out tax payer dollars to anyone who asks for it after all.

  14. I won’t pay full price these days for anything without a demo, because at this day and age, why should I? There are so many damn games to play I can just get something else that I know I’ll enjoy. That being said I really love how Square Enix has been off the wall with the releases and the demos.

  15. Obviously that's not possible, even with computers

  16. The idea that a computer can bring back every dead person that ever lived, and put them in the same place as every current living person on earth to compare them all, is just a brilliantly idiotic thought.

  17. I love that everyone is full of quotes in this sub but it really takes away from actual conversation as someone who just finished the show recently lol

  18. Same here, I just finished my first and am on my second watch through and I love that I understand most of the quotes now, but holy hell the “serious discussion only” tag doesn’t mean a goddamn thing!

  19. My Mini B has aluminum versions but a there are people who dont like the bottom loading style of them. I believe Hot Racing makes top loading shocks for it.

  20. I have the same shocks. Kind of weird to work on them from the bottom but they work great.

  21. Damn! That's a bummer man. Seems like I should grab a set of driveshafts just to have on hand. I grabbed a few parts of Jennys but not shafts.

  22. Gotta agree with you here, saying it’s “just food” when referring to animals misses the point of veganism entirely.

  23. I like that it's open to everyone looking for vegan recipes. Usually. I think that given the fact that it's for vegan recipes and not veganism as a lifestyle, that is appropriate. Gatekeeping can be left to other subs. That shit just pushes away folks who might be curious about changing their diet or their attitude/ethos.

  24. Many a young boy became a man after seeing that scene lol

  25. I am one of those. What a time to be a kid, action movies were so dope. Grew up on movies like True Lies and Goldeneye, so much fun.

  26. I don’t think anyone’s gonna fight that claim! It’s one of the best action movies of all time, period. It’s got every genre all mixed into one, it feels like a James Bond film at the beginning and throughout, it’s cinematic perfection. I’ve probably watched it 20 times through the years and it is every bit as awesome as it always was. Just the right amount of cheesy without being ridiculous.

  27. Yeh you discuss things that opinion based like how arrma is better than traxxas or the other way around. Not something you can easily google

  28. So, just argue with each other? Is that really what you want out of a discussion board? Cause that’s basically “opinions” in this hobby.

  29. Don’t these come back around Halloween? I do recall a fall color batch, could be wrong though. Haven’t had an M&M since around the time I voted for blue ones!

  30. That’s a long way around to say “I haven’t known joy since 1995”

  31. Shock rod looks bent to hell and back! Nice pic though, might wanna check that out haha

  32. Nice work! The reverse part is definitely the hardest imo, and each toss forward gets more difficult since you have more string to keep wrapped up and less free to work with.

  33. What exactly do you mean by the need for instant gratification

  34. People were more patient when you had to wait for things. Everything is very fast now. 1 day shipping instant loading text messages, everything happens now now now. So when things take longer than expected, people tend to lose their minds.

  35. Because she's not that smart. She's a good student and can parrot back what she reads in class but she's not nearly as smart as she thinks she is and lacks real critical thinking skills. Tony knows the "Italian discrimination" line is bullshit but its the cover he needs to continue his criminal enterprise. Meadow actually believes it, much to Tony's chagrin.

  36. “They have their own methods of conflict resolution from the old county”

  37. And her defense of “the old country” and “methods of conflict resolution”. God that was so bad.

  38. Issue is the higher mAh, the bigger the battery's going to be. Look up the max battery dimensions for your particular car, find a brand that seems affordable, and check 5000mAh, 6000mAh, etc.

  39. I bought this truck as my second basher and it's so much darn fun. Just be advised, it's a pretty big car. When you send it off a jump or something, you've got a missile soaring through the air. It was a very big leap from my Rustler 4x4, let's just say that.

  40. Nerve of these idiots to charge for shipping too. Unbelievable.

  41. Are they though? Are these auctions actually selling?

  42. I think it would have gotten boring by about minute 4. They’re slower paced. Just like OP.

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