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  1. lol I haven't updated it since I was breeding for a shiny joltik! but thank you

  2. Ya know OP you are really making me want to give this a shot. Would be a good break from my current hell of Sizzlipede

  3. I've been having a lot of fun with it, would definitely recommend giving it a try!

  4. thank you!! yeah it's up there for me too, this one definitely made me work hard for it though haha

  5. as someone who is awful at ship combat, my sloop is called Lootbug :) collects shiny things, is small and harmless, and drops loot everywhere when I'm popped sunk

  6. I've tipped the first commenter but thank you for the attempt! :)

  7. Hello and no pain at all!! How about this :)?

  8. I didn’t think that’s how shiny hunting in that game worked anymore?

  9. it doesn't raise the shiny odds of all of that particular species like it was thought at first, but knocking out 500 of a pokemon brings the shiny odds down to 1/585 (or 1/455 with charm) - only on brilliant aura spawns of that species.

  10. thanks! yeah there were a couple of patches of grass that lead on to eachother in like a long snake pattern, just kept running up and down them looking for brilliant spawns, and running out of range to make things despawn once I reached the end of each patch

  11. Nice! I’m hunting Omanyte rn and I’m at 360, hoping it doesn’t go too much longer.

  12. Good luck with your omanyte, hope it shines soon for you!

  13. look like what? it's just normal as far as I'm aware :)

  14. i completely relate! we’re 216 miles apart, it sometimes feels harder cos he’s only a short plane ride away, but i still can’t see him all of the time. also u two look so cute together !!

  15. yeah that's true too, kind of a 'so close but so far' mindset... its not difficult at all for me to get to him and I can afford it, I just can't take the time off work for it :( thank you!!

  16. Congrats imagine going no phases for a target haha

  17. thank you! I know, super lucky with it! feel bad for you with all your phases, especially after your tea hunt!

  18. unfortunately she's got Rivalry instead of initimidate, if anyone has a spare ability capsule to trade I have a few spare shiny pidgeys or swablus?

  19. oof another bird? fingers crossed the next one is your shinx... are you getting quite short phases at least? I hit 11,000 REs last night and still have nothing at all to show for it haha

  20. jeez, congrats on the gold kitty! I'm approaching 10k REs with nothing at all to show for it haha!

  21. I was hopin for shinx too but no another bird

  22. you're on phase 7 now right? really hope the gold cat shines for you soon! well, for both of us haha, I'm just about to hit double odds before I go to bed and still nothing, stubborn kitty

  23. It was named after valve's crowning achievement in mapmaking and definitely the only playable map to exist in the game - 2Fort :)

  24. ooh congrats! I'm currently 4700 encounters/just under 29 hours for this one, hoping to get it before new year but not convinced it's going to happen haha

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