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  1. At Hyland there are usually nicely groomed classic tracks — were you staying out of them for some reason, or were they not there?

  2. Balancing on skinny skis in soft boots is a skill. Nowadays I'm more of an "XCD" skier so I'm in plastic boots most of the time (which hug your lower leg almost like alpine boots, so non-issue), but a few years ago when I was still skiing long skinny skis with soft lace up boots, at the beginning of every season I had to re-teach myself to balance on top of those skis.

  3. So not tomato paste or tomato sauce but actual stewed tomatoes on that thing? Gross!

  4. I think Starship is premature. They didn't really do anything with Falcon Heavy before tabling it for Starship.

  5. She's 51 now and aging better than anybody. Some redditor told me he shared a smoke with her at a convention, which hurts my heart..

  6. We missed out when the photographer clipped off the skis and probably

  7. Time machines, starships, and flying cars sure, but woah there with reading the news on a screen. Easy on the crazy fantasies

  8. My feeling is Covid will become endemic - like the flu. It will just be around for the foreseeable future. But I also think they’ll develop better vaccines that will give broader/longer protection. They’re already developing better treatments - I think there’s several pills available - that help reduce severe cases.

  9. Prodigy has been solid thus far, too, though definitely aimed at kids. It's pretty removed from the usual Starfleet stuff (so, less similar to Orville), but has a clear and sensible plot, the character motivations make sense, they have flaws and problems you can empathize with, it's great. It goes right in a lot of ways Disco went wrong.

  10. Sorry I meant a series created for adults featuring civilian characters on a ship. They could still be decent people, not necessarily thugs and terrorists like on The Expanse, just not Starfleet.

  11. I miss that in sci-fi, where people would sit down and actually think about how something should look and how it'd fit in the universe.

  12. Like the floating hologram displays on every minor device. I fucking hate those so much

  13. Shit like that is why nuTrek needs to be quarantined over in Memory Beta as soon as they spend the last of the Netflix money and shut down.

  14. that's oddly specific, now I'm afraid to ask ..... but still curious

  15. Aww..poor little darling has to lie directly on the uncomfotable vent instead of on a

  16. One thing I could never stand was to see a filthy dirty old drunky howling away at the filthy songs of his fathers and going blurp blurp in between as it might be a filthy old orchestra in his stinking rotten guts;I could never stand to see anyone like that. whatever his age might be, but more especially when he was real old like this one was.

  17. Bellies shall be shaken, knees shall be splintered, a sore-day, a red day, ere the blood sugar rises!

  18. Vlad making tea from tobacco leaves so the healthy cancer engrams go straight to your stomach and colon, protecting you from lung or mouth cancer

  19. I kind of feel bad for Diana Muldaur, who was a very good actress, but Pulaski was just a terribly written character. They tried to recreate the Bones/Kirk paradigm and failed miserably.

  20. I sort of got having her be a robo-racist against Data, but they held onto that a little too long and she ended up looking like an asshole.

  21. Ironic because that's the thing I liked the most about his character. We know what Khan's augments are, but what if you just tweaked a couple of attributes? Bashir shows us you can do that without making them want to take over the world, which was the whole reason for the ban. Kind of implies the augment ban is a little prejudiced.

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