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Unpopular opinion: Carol Baldwin RIP posts

I needed this today

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  1. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that wasn’t MeddyLoo. Don’t her legs look extra long & skinny here? It looks like a 3 year old’s body with a 1 yr old’s head.

  2. They do. I swear that she did this intentionally just to fuck with the sub and keep people talking about her.

  3. It’s summer y’all, and we know what that means. Alec temporarily trades the sockless loafers in for the sandals to wear with his unhemmed pants. Good times.

  4. What am I missing? I didn’t click the link, but how does this relate to this sub?

  5. Sorry, but when you post a video tribute to Ray Liotta after your mother has died, but just share the family announcement to announce the death of your mother, something is fucked up with you. And the time stamps of all of this…

  6. Are you serious? Who is looking at their mom thinking "Ugh those stretch marks and loose skin". That is your mother, sir.

  7. This from the man who used foul language (MF word) and got in the face of his 13 year old co-star on the set of Rust.

  8. Wait… what!???! He got in the face of a 13 year old? Do you have a link to the article?

  9. Also wonder what he said to her at the 2.55 mark, she didn't look too happy. Probably something like "Your face.. it disgusts me"

  10. I had no idea so I deleted was just trying to be helpful because I’d seen it on Twitter. Lesson learnt.

  11. I didn’t mean anything snarky about your comment. Just better safe than sorry. Thanks for deleting and the reply. 😀

  12. Lol. Billy was “the hot one”. All I ever see now is a sloe eyed average individual, albeit less seemingly offensive than the other Baldwins. When I consider their “contributions”, they rank: Billy, Alexander Rae, Stephen.

  13. I’m laughing so hard right now because you didn’t even bother to list Daniel. I love it.

  14. I have gone back and forth but I think I agree that Hillary had him fooled about it all, at least for a while in the beginning. I just don’t see a celebrity of his caliber taking on such a potential risk to his reputation unless he just didn’t see it coming. He married Hillary before cancel culture so it probably didn’t occur to him that he better do his homework first.

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