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Quit my job and now attempting to trade full time. 📈📉Cafés are now my office until I can’t afford coffee.

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  1. Ain't no Shame in this game, imma break it down and beg like James.

  2. The lone tree gives it a nice touch. Like a island is not a true island unless a tree exist on it.

  3. If I wear weights under my clothes for a whole year can I jump higher and run faster after I take them off ?

  4. 4.5/5 , would eat. Also why did it have to be a sec title game to make the embarrassing mistakes. ! My heart was hurt.

  5. winners are always winning, whiners are always whining. & losers are always losing.

  6. Poor guy. He doesn't look very happy. His eyes reflect pain. 😭

  7. I think men show nudes of other women between each other, but generally never their significant other or wife. So I'd say it not common at all. But I bet there are some scummy dudes out there who do.

  8. Does this not count all the oceans ? Cause it's not fresh water ? Cause there seems to me there be much more water on the earth.

  9. Look neet, would love to experience.

  10. Eye personally dont care but this is an great find. The Gods' of Grammer have smiled apon yall,

  11. Why does everyone high up in the SEC have a head and face shape akin to a peanut?

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