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My son is loves Marshmello. This was his 4th birthday party last night.

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  1. The ending was definitely setting up unanswered questions for more content so hopefully they will be cleared up in Backbone 2. They wont say if its a prequel or sequel but im hoping for the second.

  2. Hopefully they carry on with the established characters, they were pretty damn interesting

  3. Haven’t finished it yet but I did see they announced backbone 2 so maybe that’ll give us some clarification

  4. Hopefully it will clear it up cuz I was in love with the noir jazz style of the game but those final acts lost me

  5. I don’t know about “cute”, but coolest? Phase 1, hands down.

  6. Agreed. Gotta love the super nostalgic gritty phase

  7. this kind of mu argument of : a literal something, does not apply, a least not all the time. i mean, it is something to take in count but a ending feature.

  8. Literally 6'3 tiger human vs normal human who's crazy. Tiger man wins. It says nothing about weapons so

  9. I noticed an admiration for Legosi from rokume but idk if I would say it felt sexual

  10. One of my favorite childhood movies. Appreciate it!

  11. I get why people don't like hip hop but I also don't cuz all music styles are good imo

  12. You one of the kids who posts photoshoots everytime you get a pair of new shoes perhaps

  13. Respectfully, don't go on Reddit then

  14. U look like someone I know sorta. Minus the face ofc

  15. I'm 6 foot and I'm pretty sure a gray wolf would be taller than me when bipedal. Like by manga standards legosi is already taller

  16. That kids a future talent right there! Get him a little looper stat!

  17. Is this the new thing after someone turned down the "what is happening here wrong answers only"?

  18. I think so tbh. But it's new enough that it doesn't bother me yet

  19. Thank you! You prolly hate my true main tho lol. I'm an annoying shaman main😂

  20. Oh true nuxias is actually really annoying

  21. Beastars is slowly turning people into furries

  22. I remain not a furry and strong. Ape forever strong💪

  23. Juno wants segregation but since i don't think this voting is anonymous she probably voted against it. And its true that sanou is the president but from how he talks about it seems like he is against it. Probably Ellen voted in favor of segregation

  24. Yeah Juno would probably pussy out of voting for segregation without the cover of anonymity. Like that's her whole thing is to bs her way into false security around herbivores

  25. Anyone have suggestions for cheap, yet good quality turntables. My sister wants one and I don't want to get a high-end expensive one for her first one. She likes mine but it runs nearly 400 dollars and my previous experience with turntables within the 100-150 range was not great. So anyone with better suggestions would be appreciated thanks!

  26. Thanks these might actually be good starting points

  27. This gives me a view from halfway down vibes. It's a very well done piece

  28. Fine past that. How about you stop being a prick and find something else to do

  29. If anyone's being a prick, it's you. You're being pissy and rude for no reason.

  30. You the one trying to start something over a nearly 6 month old comment. Like who tf goes that far back into posts for any good reason

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