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  1. Wait how did you get that dialog? My wife only wants to play that lame board game.

  2. op needs to go to horny jail. He has sinful mods installed

  3. Wish we put Sargent in. He seemed to at least be willing to get moving.

  4. Doubt he'd be effective with a sprained ankle and wearing street clothes

  5. You got no right to complain after green pants hit you with a bounce pass that gave you a free path to the rim but you dribbled back to the perimeter

  6. That there will be too much repetitive combat for filler.

  7. OKC GM would hang up on you dude. This kind of trade would only work in 2k lol

  8. If you lift a little when they reach your bumper most of the time the AI driver will back off. In your clips Kurt did exactly that, but once you got back on the gas he got back on your rear.

  9. It does the opposite. My thought is that it is not a real programmer just one of those "I can be anything I want to be on the internet!" kind of people and they are using words/phrases that they think makes them sound credible.

  10. Been a fan since I think it was 98 with Webber, Howard, Strickland, and Muresan.

  11. This past year was my first. Wasn’t hard at all. I’d say once every 3 races I learned something new but there wasn’t anything I struggled with aside from what is and isn’t punishable by nascar tho in fairness I think they themselves struggle with that

  12. This makes me ask, I never played as a female V.

  13. Yes but they have not granted me the title of fan. Its an outrage tbh

  14. Bro it’s worse than you realize. Go look at our draft history for the past 20 seasons. Beal and Wall are our only hits

  15. There’s only so much a coach can do. I mean you pretty much just admitted it yourself. We aren’t bringing in guys that are talented enough to be more than role players.

  16. This guy gets it. We asked Javale to be our starting 5 and a building block. He wasn’t good enough for that. But he was good enough for a key rotation role and looked better in that role.

  17. One of those pointless articles. All she said was “something with the project as well” and they think that justifies regurgitating everything else

  18. What has ty done to earn any respect this year? He has been the biggest dick all season. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  19. It’s not about respecting Ty. It’s about having respect for the sport and Jr gets that

  20. Me, a non American casual occasional NASCAR far just sitting here quietly wondering why everyone be so angry. Lol.

  21. Phoenix has to be the second worst track on the schedule. Besides Texas there isn't another track I'd rather them get rid of. Finale needs to be at a short track or a superspeedway.

  22. Because he feels like he has to add to the drama. Instead of calling a dramatic race, he dramatically calls a race.

  23. Earlier in the season when Corey was running in 1st place, can't remember the race. But the other guys were talking about how great it was that he was having a great race and how he really deserved it. Then Rick Allen comes in with something like this:

  24. NASCAR had to have said something to everyone involved not to do anything stupid. Only reason why Ty came out tonight not only clean, but the champion.

  25. No. More likely is Jr told his drivers to race clean

  26. Why shouldn't they? I think a lot of yall are just really letting your dislike of Ty cloud your judgement.

  27. A lot of people are like oh wow Noah has grown on me, I'm a fan now, or he has grown since his last incident.

  28. Isn't Hill the aggressor for dumping him on the track? Are drivers not allowed to confront the people that dump them without getting clocked?

  29. They are allowed to sure, but you literally just said it.

  30. So... punching people in the head is okay, but wrecking them on the track is a problem? That is an interesting perspective.

  31. I don't think its that interesting. Wrecking a guy is far more dangerous and has a very real $ cost associated with it.

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