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  1. I'm looking to buy this used Breville Dual Boiler at a good price but the faceplate has a huge dent in it. I've had trouble locating where to buy a replacement one and could use some help here if anyone has any idea. Thanks in advance!

  2. If the price is really that good, just put a sticker over it! I can only imagine that buying a new faceplate would diminish the deal you're getting.

  3. When did being the host of the Daily Show get more turnover than the DADA position at Hogwarts?

  4. He outlasted an entire presidency and three times longer than the first host.

  5. Meh. Stopped watching once he took over. Didn't like his dumbed down style.

  6. The dude speaks like 7 languages, but sure, he's the dumb one.

  7. NCNP is an amazing and underappreciated place. Thanks for visiting.

  8. And the Left gets to show us what childish tools they are in Science fiction too!

  9. There's no such thing as conservative science fiction because y'all will destroy everything before we ever get off this planet

  10. "trouble communicating and not understanding" is the very definition of incapable of making decisions.

  11. I guess I wasn't clear. He has trouble communicating. He does not have trouble understanding.

  12. Thank you for your insight and I'm sorry you went through that. Sounds terrible.

  13. I use a GPS spoofer on my phone along with Paramount plus. The app is called FakeGPS. It is an Android app. You have to activate developer options on your phone and allow for spoofing GPS. This subreddit has all the times that CBS airs Jeopardy on the various affiliates across the US. Just go to community info in the sidebar and look for Alternative veiwing methods.

  14. Fantastic. Thank you. J! airs on ABC in Seattle and gets preempted by Monday Night Football every week.

  15. Lol embrace it. It means you get to tell everyone how you got to get dressed in Vanna’s dressing room!

  16. That would probably impress all the blue hairs at Denny's more than being a jeopardy champ.

  17. The door at the bottom is a bigger death trap. So much not code. Complete rethink of the stair layout is needed. A few winders and remove the door at the bottom at the very least.

  18. My initial thought was winders as well, but they aren't a very efficient use of space if you want to meet code. I was going to do them off a deck and just did a landing instead. Take the same amount of space and is much easier to frame.

  19. Right. But if it’s too tight for a landing, winders work. Just think of them as a landing, then a 1/2 landing on top of that one. Easy to frame once you get your head around it.

  20. For what I was trying to do, it wouldn't save any space because of all the dimensional requirements for winders. If it's too tight for a landing it's also too tight for winders, per current

  21. Honest question: what kind of post submissions do you guys approve other than reviews? I feel like 95% of posts in this sub are whiskey reviews and the other 5% consist of news articles or text-only updates about a bourbon's price or mashbill. I do enjoy the reviews, but that's about all I see in this sub. Is it just that 95% of the submissions are reviews?

  22. I like the simple discussion posts the best. For example someone pulls out a few bottles from their cabinet and does a comparison. It's not a real review, but it's not bottle porn either. It's a little of both and something that I'm more likely to engage in as someone who has a limited budget for nice bottles. I also find the information easier to retain for the next time I go shopping.

  23. Buy and return through the Wal-Mart rental program

  24. The board is made from rubber wood butcher block countertop scraps that I stained with steel wool and coffee soaked in vinegar. Countersunk recesses to hold the palm tamper, portafilter collar and WDT tool.

  25. No, this is just a project I made for myself. Just showing off.

  26. I always refer to star trek as progressive authoritarian. They are more than happy to provide for your basic needs but if you don't toe the line, watch out. (Looking at you Sisko).

  27. Think of a vodka cocktail you'd want more flavor to. Try it first to see what you get off the nose for sure though.

  28. Probably be good in a white Russian. Kind of like a dirty mother.

  29. Nah, looks good. Maybe slap some blocking on the backs of the vertical legs if you're gonna store heavy stuff up there.

  30. Might still be worth putting some blocking underneath!

  31. I would, but I'm a woodworker with a structural engineering license so I over build everything.

  32. Your father is a sculptor, and a very good one at that!

  33. And you still don't own a cat. They own you!

  34. TBH I do not know because I am not educated in this particular area.

  35. The most reasonable suggestion I have heard is for 18 year term limits. Then a judge will retire every two years and the new appointments and therefore the courts would accurately reflect the views of the electorate from the previous two decades.

  36. Learn to make stir fry. It's the perfect dish for experimenting with flavor combinations. Helps you work on knife skills, time management (different ingredients need different amount of time) and it's nearly impossible to mess up so bad it's inedible.

  37. Double the number of shelves and make it deeper to hold the whole shoe

  38. You won't regret it. Best bang for for buck in rye, imo. It's also pick up the Ezra 99. I haven't had that one myself, but the Ezra 7 BP was amazing

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