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  1. This is the 186cm one isn’t it? Can you link for the things to attach the desk to wall?

  2. Limit your framerate in Nvidia panel to your moinitor's refresh rate and open Task Manager when you change settings. I had to do the same because some games were utilizing my GPU too much, i.e. Dying Light I had to play in 60FPS (~40-50% usage) because 80 or above would crank up GPU usage to max with max settings (I have an MSI RTX 2080 Ti). Check your GPU usage in Task Manager and make sure you get at max between 80-90% usage in the game. This gives OBS some headroom.

  3. I’ve been turning the preview off, mainly last night I bought a new game green hell and I was able to run it perfectly on max settings but the skipped frames were astronomical so I turned the quality down to the lowest and it didn’t really help either which was strange, are some games just fucked?

  4. I used the official app and just done mock tests over and over memorising as much as I could, got to the point where I was passing back to back mocks then passed my actual test first time, would recommend.

  5. nice but how did you find a 3070 fe???

  6. Destiny 1, literally the only game I played for like a year and a half lmao

  7. I literally just ordered the 4000d airflow and 4 separate sp120 rgb fans this month for my build 🤦‍♂️

  8. Probably because it isn’t necessarily what’s going to make you grow and get bigger, using social media’s and making content elsewhere could be a better use of your time than streaming as much as possible in the hopes of growing, especially when you’re a brand new streamer with 0-2 viewers it’s hard to get discovered on twitch.

  9. I'm using the 3 Corsair ML120s for the radiator and exhaust

  10. And theyll all be just as compatible mixing with the two ML I have with the aio?

  11. As far as I know they fixed the issue with icue not being able to mix and match in a recent update, so yes.

  12. Lol my h100i cooler literally just sprung a leak on me from the radiator. Luckily I saw the liquid on my mobo before powering it on. Never getting an aio again.

  13. 5k followers on twitch(1300 now) Build a new pc

  14. It gets better when you have more viewers and chat going on and you actually want to engage with others, it felt pointless to me when I would stream for a few hours and get no engagement at all but I've started promoting myself on other social medias and trying to get to know other streamers/gamers too to help with that and it's worked.

  15. You buy a board with sufficient headers.

  16. The same issue is coming up when I swapped mobos, what's the cause of this?

  17. Don’t stream unless you’re ready for the duration you’ve set yourself and are gonna enjoy the game you’re playing.

  18. Yes this is what I had in mind would be recommended if even

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