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  1. You might like Barry Lyndon if you haven't seen it. It's obvious a different film in tones and subject, but every scene is like a painting.

  2. Skiing double black diamond at night with a road flare in my mouth, while several (4-5) St. Bernards each with speakers attached ride in a bobsled nearby.

  3. I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all

  4. Not in a contract sense. But there's a great story where Freddie gave Snit the game ball.

  5. personal pic from pre-pandemmy! been looking through old outfits to remember how to dress in public when it‘s cold out >.<

  6. Uh, just checked the Braves, but are other teams' roster pages also missing player pictures?

  7. Advanced analytics said his 2018 was a fluke and that he got lucky, but I never wanted to believe it.

  8. How often do fluke happen in baseball? Could someone put together an all fluke roster??

  9. Was it a model or remote control chopper on any of the wide shots?

  10. Sentridoh would be recorded in what sounds like a kitchen, Sebadoh a studio.

  11. Uh, actually, THEY are the protectors! LOL - I don't think anyone is bothered by kangaroos swimming. In fact, while it's common, it is not something people see every day. Most people in Australia, I would think, have never seen a kangaroo swimming irl.

  12. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free….”

  13. The pilot also confirmed that UK royal Prince Andrew - who was friends with Epstein - travelled on the American financier's jet.

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