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  1. If I had punkass friends I wouldn’t be talking smack with an untested recipe. Bring your A game or you won’t hear the end of it. As a punkass friend to those that can handle it, I’m impressed by the skills of the cook. Not necessarily nitpicking the strict adherence to the international definition of a cooking technique, more so how knowledgeable the person using it is in applying it to achieve their goal.

  2. it really wasn't meant as an assault on them, i wanted them to see it and laugh and they did. untested. it's straight from multiple sites and in other groups i belong too. i just adjusted the temp to 4degs, 4. higher because they wouldn't enjoy eating it if it was too rare. just as i wouldn't if it were too done. everyones going to eat it. i move all my temps up 4 degs. for my wife. she has tried the things i made by the book and she just ate it not really enjoyed it. maybe being seniors with dentures need it just a little more done and then sliced a little thinner. but that is my preference. My friends are all good spirited, sometimes real spirited friends. we are on a fixed income but want the experience. it was recommended as a recipe with this cut on some manufactures sights. Also on beef industry sites created by the beef farmers across the country. not rambling to troll believe me. I aint hating just enjoying bantering about sous vide, but enjoy making and eating it even more. Pork loin so far has been by far the greatest meat to benefit from this method of cooking, could slice it with a butter knife. I tried it, and cut it up with your fork. I thank everyone on here who talked about pork loin.

  3. Well glad it turned out, life doesn’t have to be a competition! I like talking to people about cooking and especially if we try each other’s food, learning how to tweak my recipes into different variations. Pork is one of my favorite ingredients, I make a lot of okinawan style dishes starting with stuff my grandma used to make. Then I dug through her cookbooks with recipes from old ladies who were old when my grandma was young. The difference between good and wow that’s great was really one or two ingredients. Made me realize how many people rarely deviate from a recipe. They really like what I made but the only difference between their version and mine is a few shots of bourbon and some miso paste. Both of which they’re familiar with just never thought to use for that dish. Ingredient substitution is one of the things I like to do when cooking, the other being applying different techniques to different dishes. A chuck tenderroast beef Wellington using sous vide is the perfect example. Keep tweaking it because it’s better than the real thing if it comes anywhere near to replicating it! Giving me ideas about Cajun seasoned pastry wrapped pork butt medallions

  4. well must be my day, went to sear on the grill but someone had empty both bottles so no spare. the last person to use it is supposed to fill it up. so guests are waiting. Also, i didn't put the meat back in the fridge, i accidently put it in the freezer so a quick? reheat and it should be hot and med. Wife spilled the sous vide bag with all the broth. so tender dry meat w/o gravy. it's going down hill fast, and one is a fussy old man who likes to critize. he's my best friends husband so, i tolerate him. NYC is just a different person, he doesn't think anything and i just bust his balls back. so we enjoy doing the dozens. next time plan chuck steaks. like i said i like feeding friends but i'm pretty poor and they don't let it bother them

  5. with that many requests i fear for the areas to be visited.

  6. I’m spreading it out across 37 properties as best I can. It’s all publicly available information. We don’t have it up here. We don’t mention it here.

  7. I know about him in the 70s like i said raised by kent state art student dropout who was cool and had every high times issue, books and books on drugs mainly pot and psychdelics. he was a protester at kent state kinda hippie when the shooting started. i remember it.

  8. public elementary schools. I support lgbtq in schools after the 5th grade or really 7th for some kids.

  9. oh i agree with you if i did say something about "gifts" i don't remember and i would be wrong. they don't do that in school. it's the media is where the money goes for lgbtq and the mentally disabled like myself aren't a popular cause and we don't have an charity for us because we don't matter, we are looked down on, not hired, not rented to either. sound familiar. we want the same thing as anyone. I am bi so i support lgbtq and have many "many" lgbtq friends i even went to an event in june. I live near disney and appreciate they're support.

  10. My favorite thing about Latinos was when media cancelled speedy Gonzales for being offensive to Latinos and they said “bring that shit that. We love it”

  11. just like indians native to the cleveland area, i know many. they were proud of them. The team supported them and provided for them.

  12. again a woke as bitch wanted to get noticed and to be written in the history books for being an anti-racist hero. f that punk. I lived in a 75% puerto rican community and it was hated by all. if you ain't one then shut ya mouth

  13. Thanks for the info, I think I will try it. I got a 2 lb one for $7 and looking for something to do with it. I am always afraid to make wellington with a tenderloin because of the cost, but for $7 I am willing to risk it.

  14. i got 3.6 for 7.50. gonna put it in now. planned for supper today but I see I was right and wanted to put it in yesterday morning. Wife freaked out, "we don't need to cook it today". "how are we going get it warm without overcooking it." I have explained and demonstrated how the sous vide works, sent links recommending just the way I wanted to make it. Today she gets left over chicken salad for dinner I guess. I won't be pressured to take it out at supper time. Since it's already in the water,it will be too late to stop me. She has loved everything I have sous vide. Bragged about them to friends. But 24hrs? we were leaving yesterday and she was worried about a fire. She was worried we would get home late and it would be overcooked. Uggggh

  15. this is the next level destruction of america. 8 states have already pass a law supporting a constitutional convention. that means meet like 1775, and re-write with all new purpose. They only need 38 states. With new sec. of state who are trumpers elected in many states this fall, will easily pass the remaining 30 needed. In the name of balanced budget, merging church and state, fake socialist takeovers, rigged elections, ending the democratic party and having one party loyal to the state. End presidential elections to protect democracy from voters who don't pass the test of the new motherland security para-military agency. That will be the equivalent of the SS Nazis. Anything they can think of and promise to write a "better constitution" with the "common sense" of the radical right. Here is what it takes and what could happen with a constitutional convention. For one, once convened, there is no way to stop any changes made or added. here is the link

  16. the supreme court? Never you say? BS. read a book. it's not hard to find, google it. religious rulings in supreme court history. You'll see plenty of pro christian rulings. Coach praying on the field after a game. I support the coach. No one has to be there, in non-compulsary, going to a game, hearing the national anthem, seeing "not hearing from the stands" just seeing isn't a slap at non-christians or pushing it on anyone. In school, if someone objects to prayer then they must be accomodated, but in an area where almost everyone is okay with prayer and of the same faith, i think prayer in class is fine. But if someone, a parent or student objects then it is a matter of the church involvement in a government function and should be restricted. Fair, that is all is asked. Fair is what christians should be. Sadly, most are evil.

  17. bo'ol'o'wor'a I'm Australian and I unironically pronounce it this way

  18. pretty much the way I do, kentucky hillbillies are from scotland.. so do you play the banjo and fight chickens too?

  19. why smoke it to 165 first? skip the sous vide your missing the whole concept

  20. good for them, wish i would have known we would have been there. normal protests don't work in today's politics sadly. we saw how political protests worked, we are seeing the details of the plan now. LEARN!

  21. In kentucky it is illegal for more than 2 people to be naked in the same room. it's called prostitution money or not, still prostitution. I know a 5bdrm house that was seized for being a house of prostitution when it was just a private swingers group without any costs to anyone. true story, bowling green kentucky. don't know how it ended but it was raided and seized because neighbors saw the cars, spied thru the fence and saw naked people at 10pm. He was an executive at an automotive manufacture, didn't matter.

  22. yeah when they get around to finding us after depleting all other freedoms, yes they will make being nude in a private backyard illegal not to mention the beach or resorts or campgrounds.

  23. I disagree, I did chicken for 2 hours at around the same temp and it was comparable to OP's picture. Sous vide chicken might not look done but it can definitely be safe to eat if done correctly.

  24. depends on the person and on what your going to do with it. salad, soups, etc especially cold 150 - 157 is great, breast to cook further like smoked, grilled or seared maybe 160. for a traditional chicken breast fan 163 - 165. to done for me, but if all they have eaten is 165-170 traditionally cooked chicken breast or even just chicken they will be happy and amazed. you should cook "for" the people you feed. a chef can sneak some bites in the kitchen of things they prefer.

  25. My recent opinion is that white meat should only be cooked SV. That way it’s always tender and never dry. There’s always a chance to over cook when it’s not SV

  26. He said his first attempt was low quality so he went to the butcher for this one. Idiots don’t read I guess. And one doesn’t have to be rich to know what quality meat looks like. I’ve been a chef and a butcher, both quite poorly paid jobs that have taught me what quality meat looks like. Maybe don’t be a judgemental piece of shit?

  27. you r correct, but i'll never not be judgemental. but i will apologize to you.

  28. he said it was a cheap cut. sous vide make it possible for those who can't afford butcher shop meat to have tender steak.

  29. no escalating to the rest of the world. that is what. I'm half ukrainian but a world war III is not an option i want anyone to pick.

  30. That kit is very easy. It gives you all the instructions and you basically just spray them with water everyday.

  31. does anyone know if this is a common experience when growing cubes? or is it much more difficult?

  32. Yea cliq gelato face on fire Tahoe og and rso all you can reasonably trust from them do not get lilacdiseal rso tho do not get the flower if money is relevant to you around Monday truelieve will have 7gs of ground for 25 with 2 strains mixed in that is way less and way better then cureleaf my number one advice to you as a new patient when you get called up to that register demand the coa they will not have a problem telling you and the guessing is gone

  33. Crazy to me because all of the other dispo experiences I’ve had at fluent and liberty have been so positive. I’m super satisfied with clients cheap dry herb for pressing and with liberty’s vapes and distillate

  34. wow the shit three dispos. cura, lhs and fluent. crap. everytime all the time.

  35. You mean liberty mids? Where you can buy medicinal ditch weed?

  36. Lol.. smoking with flavorful wood for hours is exactly the difference.

  37. nothing beats 10s of hours smoking. but todays quality liquid smoke products are much better than before so no after taste, you can put enough on to taste more than a hint. i've suprised people who love smoked pulled pork on more than one occassion. but still you have to broil it hard hard hard to get a seriously black char on it as well.

  38. So what's the plan tho. Sous vide it with a few drops of liquid smoke? And then just oven it? I have one in my cabinet, unsure of how much to use haha. Heard it's pretty potent

  39. not just oven, broil on 550 if you can do it. broil close, never walk away. broil... just 1 teaspoon for 5 lbs. seriously, you can ruin meat if you put a tablespoon in. becareful i always say taste an ingredient before you use it. Your mouth can tell you a lot. so can your nose. smell it. if i could get my wife to ever, ever taste and smell a dish before she brings it to the table she wouldn't have to hear me point out something that she can taste is wrong too. taste your ingredients is almost as important as tasting the dish afterwards.

  40. Swordfish - has a "steaky" texture and you probably won't miss the breading

  41. i would never bread swordfish i'm not a fan but i wouldn't bread it

  42. sativa is great it just doesn't have the legs that indica does and the buzz is totally different. it just cost a lot to grow and buy great sativa. not commercially viable

  43. Not trying to throw shade but respect your elders is one of the dumbest sayings ever. Most elders are lost in the sauce and stuck in their ways.

  44. no disrespect, but i do here that constantly from the younger generation. Saying something like that would have never crossed my mind. yeah they were "squares" but the word respect doesn't mean the same thing as it did then. Oh it might though if it were to mean your elders may know more than you so give them some consideration, pls. I don't say everyone has to earn my personal respect individually for me to respect them. that's just the way I and most everyone my age take it when you say the words "don't respect" meant something different back then and still does to us. The comments I made are still correct and documented as having happened before it was said. Like 20 years before. I don't be faded by "certain" age groups.

  45. I’m following the story and I’m on board with you. But what in the world does “college educated art student from kent state” have to do with cultivating cannabis?

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