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  1. Good. It was a shit idea and nobody wanted it.

  2. God, I wish. If all the amazon assholes left that city might be livable again.

  3. Another great reason to kill your Facebook.

  4. Why dont we also resume stoning people who don't attend church?

  5. If Roe gets overturned, I think it only fair that we start requiring organ and blood donations for anyone registered to vote or with a driver’s license. Same logic. To save a life. They are happy to make women give up their bodily autonomy to save a life. Let them put their money where their “morals” are and make them do the same.

  6. I have been thinking lately about states GDP and what is contributed vs what they take. If conservative states want conservative policy that's fine, but they need to pay their fair share.

  7. It seems to me that the north Atlantic treaty is mostly about keeping poor people poor while they (the ruling class) pile their loot and monopolize markets.

  8. Its a military alliance not an economic one...what are you on about

  9. Armies make economies. Coin was minted to pay armies. Separating military from economic might is farce.

  10. Cybertruck looks like shit, and will likely never make mass production. Buy this stupid over priced whistle instead!

  11. I have. The first time I was displaced by a hurricane. I worked and saved and found a shitty place to move into for cheap.

  12. Both, however neither side will ever admit it.

  13. My reading leads me to believe that the supply bottleneck has more to do with certain parties not moving empty containers back to where they are needed.

  14. How about a robot that can give HPV vaccines...

  15. Nobody gave a shit about competition when amazon put all the book stores out of business

  16. Too bad. If they were all adult bookstores I might have quit the internet.

  17. He loved dressing like a douche nozzle and being the center of attention while attacking the capital. Kinda regretting all that now isn’t he?

  18. Not sure you have seen a douche, it usually doesn't have horns.

  19. Great. Fuck the terrible interruption marketing model pushed by western assholes.

  20. Marketing. If you can make them think they want it.

  21. My decision? My parents tolde to get the fuck out and stop selling weed and get a damn job.

  22. Do you guys think that after covid wipes out 25% these marketing people will be 25% more keen to sign us up for their newsletters?

  23. We all knew that the cross border traffic would pick up after Trump was out.

  24. Nobody ever said reincarnation was also time travel.

  25. Maybe stop rounding them up and slaughtering them.

  26. Broke my thumb on a beach in Lincoln City Oregon, about 30 years ago. The doctor lanced my thumbnail to relieve the pressure from the blood beneath the nail.

  27. Ouch! Glad you’re feeling better these days!

  28. I'm good, but it kinda screwed me up. I dislocated a toe last year and couldn't stop laughing about it while I reset it. Think that guy may have broken my pain response.

  29. That sounds like my childhood. Me and my family fist lost power then the banks took the property the following year. When I camp feel like I'm back home and it all ends when I'm forced back into city life.

  30. Lived in cities for decades. Now I can't even walk into a CVS in the states without just freezing up. How do I know which deodorant is right for me? There are so many... this one says it makes you smell like a that good? Should I smell like a wolf? Ah fuck I need TP too...

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