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My most ambitious project yet! Wool winter coat, 1 year in the making

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  1. It looks amazing! Great Job! What kind of interfacing/ structure did you add to the jacket?

  2. What's a walking foot? Don't all machines have that?

  3. A walking foot is like the feed dogs on the bottom of the machine, but on the presser foot as well. It is an attachment that can be attached to most machines.

  4. This is the first garment I have made my gf. In the past, I made her a weekender bag (previously posted).

  5. How well do they breathe? Is it really hot and clammy in there? My grandma has tons of tapestry curtains and shit in storage. Trying to figure out what to do with it.

  6. They are not bad, but not all tapestry is the same. I've made stuff that is horrible to wear too.

  7. I don't know how warm you want, but this kept me WARM. I would use another cloth when quilting as this stuff will poke through polyester lining. Also performs when wet.

  8. I just used a regular sewing machine, but sometimes I had to make the hats do some serious yoga.

  9. I made these hats using the "Dad Hat" pattern from CapSupplyCo, but modified to make it more... head shaped. I made the brims using the innards from other hats (Chapest to go to the thriftstore). I also made homemade sweatbands from a woven cotton, and a thin flannel/ thin cotton batting, that was then steamed into a curve to fit best into the hats.

  10. This jacket was drafted using a bomber jacket block (Mccalls 7637) (I don't actually know if that's the pattern, but it looks close enough...). I then converted it to a raglan sleeve (I will post the guide I used below). The back was chopped up and shaped to create a vent with mesh. The collar was also converted to a standup collar (I forgot to shrink the neck hole 5/8ths, so it is looser than I wanted). Ribbing was used to finish the sleeves and waist. I left out a facing on the lining b/c I did not feel like drafting it... The lining was unintentionally complicated. It was bagged, except for the vent. That was hand-sewn closed.

  11. The build-up to book three was great. The third book was such a letdown. The payoff at the end was very weak.

  12. I have no idea. I took it from a grandmas stash. I think it's some kind of upholstery.

  13. This bag was "self drafted" by drawing two circles and 3+ rectangles. I bought the webbing (straps) and plastic hardware from Seattle Fabrics. The inside is lined with the red polka dotted fabric from the side pocket and also has an inside zippered pocket, and a large velcroed pocket. This is a very beginner-friendly project.

  14. Really awesome job! Could you give some closeups of the hidden in plain sight tacking? I’m very interested to see how it’s done.

  15. My husband is obsessed and would like to know where you found the fabric. It’s possible we’re about to own a sewing machine as a result of this photo.

  16. I love the look of this stuff and want to make something out of it but does it breath? I'm just concerned I'll end up wet on the inside (and not in a good way).

  17. Certaintly not the BEST. Fabric is a wetsuit sandwiched between tshirt fabric.

  18. This was the second time I drafted a pair of pants. I kept it simple at is they are sweats... The fabric is a scuba from MoodFabrics, first time I have ever used it. Much easier to work with than a knit I would normally use for sweatpants.

  19. Cute! Can you edit your comment above ^^^ and share how you drafted the pant pattern? Did you use a tutorial, copy an existing pair, or some other method? Thanks!

  20. Pretty straight-forward construction of the long sleeve button-up from Simplicity 8427, just added a couple inches in the sleeves’ middle to fit my SO’s dimensions. He picked out the fabric, and it has a slight shimmer to the flower and is from Rifle Paper Co. I’m delighted with how handsome he is in it.

  21. I love Rifle Paper Co's pattern. I wish they made different kinds of fabric though. Very limiting.

  22. Love them. Appreciate the tips on that pattern. I took a few shots at that pattern months ago. Are you saying the skipped sewing in that stiffening bit before the sweat band?

  23. I didn't add any interfacing or stiffening to that. Not only was I lazy, but I own a hat without any and it had great shape, so that was my goal.

  24. Awesome! Again, thanks for the tips.

  25. anyone specifically? I really have bought 10 different types without success... It is usually too flimsy and I have to double it up, which is not as nice.

  26. I buy from shop located in Poland, is that's accessible for you ?

  27. I have been looking for a pattern like V1853 for so long! They took too long to release something like that as I finally finished a beast of a jacket... but there is always room for more jackets.

  28. Lengthen your stitch length a bit, denim needle, turn the hand wheel on tough spots, and have fun!

  29. I started to with the "F" and "C," but that took too long so its all machined with invisible thread.

  30. This is my second time trying applique. The double-sided fusible I bought did not have a "safe" side, so I used wax paper instead of fusing the eagle to my ironing board. The jacket pattern is a men's shirt pattern that I modified (chopped up) to be a jean jacket.

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