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SPY x FAMILY Part 2 - Episode 13 discussion

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  1. Licensing. Nothing to do with Crunchyroll and everything to do with which ever company is distributing Bleach's new anime. So far, it's still available on Hulu.

  2. The Big Bang Theory was created by the guy who made Two and A Half Men so you're not far off.

  3. I seriously believe that TBBT was written by randomly injecting every stereotype of scientists that the writer could find. Just the worst shit ever.

  4. I always felt the show was making fun of nerd culture rather than celebrating it or even critiquing it (let's be real, some parts of nerd culture is disturbing.)

  5. I don't mind if a show makes fun of something. My complaint is that it seemed like the writers dusted off every trope and stereotype about nerds and scientists. Just really lazy writing.

  6. It's like perfect bookends with Nazuna's and Ko's roles reversed. I really loved this anime. I was reluctant to watch because vampires have been done to death but the writer created two main characters that are unique and fun to watch. I hope that these two find love.

  7. Yor dropping out of the sky. I knew it was coming but it still made me laugh joyously. Watching Yor fight is the best way to spend a Saturday. I hope we see more of it next week.

  8. My bad didn't realize you had personal details about their relationship and his recovery.

  9. You're right. My bad. Of course, you're assuming that he is in recovery, which is very possible since he seems to cycle through binging and recovering.

  10. Maybe they thought that a tutorial was enough and that gamers want to figure out the rest.

  11. A person who refuses to leave his room except to get food and wash clothes.

  12. Wow. I think I made start adding dealership frames to my cars just to rile up some people.

  13. People who almost worship Trump. The dude is disgusting in so many ways.

  14. All good things happen unplanned,I get you and right point but sometimes it really breaks my trust to love

  15. Breaks your trust to love? Well, there you go. There's the answer to your question.

  16. I already know that (even got cheated on once) but when I see couples who love each other I'm like "Am I attracting red flags?" That some part of me wants love but some part of me is broken ;-; I'm lost

  17. I don't know what to tell you since I don't know you. I'll say this: You have the choice of either accepting how things are or fixing the things you don't like. I know it sounds like a platitude but it is truth.

  18. All. Stereotypes are often wrong. Sweeping generalizations are the tools of a lazy, overtaxed mind.

  19. My comment isn’t in the manga. I was referring to the fact that Tohru gets annoyed when asked if her name comes from Thor who is a god.

  20. I love how this show keeps growing even after the season finale. It's like a tsunami.

  21. She’s like that anytime there’s nothing serious going on.

  22. I can't remember. I'm currently rewatching so that 1000 year blood war will make more sense. I'm currently on the Arrancar and Orihime is so seriously now. I remember earlier when they went to rescue Rukia and the seriousness of that didn't seem to keep her from occasionally being a fun goofball.

  23. Her Odd ball moments drastically go down post her kidnapping. I think she has 1-2 in the manga for the full bringer arc at the start ( when they are in the class room setting again ) but I can’t remember.

  24. For the good of society, some members should be permanently removed.

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